Need fisheye lenses [solved]


Does anyone know how can I fake a fisheye camera lense ?

I’ve tried putting a convex or concave lense in front of the camera with a banji material but all I managed to do was to magnify or shrink my field of view.

Also 'cause I’m trying to replicate this effect

does anyone know if it’s appicable ? (even with real equipment. Maybe I can study the lenses and try to replicate them).


have you tried just using the built-in spherical camera?


the spherical camera gives panoramic views. Used mainly for VR.


You could try using a wide focal length (18 mm or so), then crank the “Lens Distortion - Cubic” up to near 100%.


Per Ander’s DeGamma may also help.


Probably the best plugin for many jobs but I don’t like their leased license method…


Actually that is a good idea ! Never noticed this feature before…


I’ve made a sphere and used Banji as a shader, turned off diffuse and speculars so it’s just transparent.

Then aligned the camera to shoot through the sphere and it gives you lens distortion.

Change the scale in the z, if your camera is aligned that way, and that can adjust the distortion.

You’re basically making your own lens, and yeah, it’ll slow down your renders.

So there’s probably a better faster way to do it, but this is what I’ve done in the past.


Why are you using a banji shader?


point your camera directly away from your scene looking at a 100% reflective perfect sphere.


It’s just what I did at the time, about 10 years ago. So I know it works.

And like I said, there’s probably a better faster way to do it, just what I did in the past.