Need advise to make it real


Hi there,

I was working on this project since 5 weeks I don’t know if it falls in here or the animation critique section. So if its wrong section to ask I’m sorry… This project includes modeling, motion capturing, 3d tracking, texturing and stuff however I feel like I’m missing something on compositing. It doesn’t seem right to me so I just want to ask your valuable opinions about this. So if you can help me to improve and give me some tips to make it believable I would appreciate!
Thanks to everyone from now :slight_smile:

Here is one still from the animation…


I’m sure you use a HDR panoramic pictures for your scene. So I will sufggest this:

  • Your shadows are too strong versus the shadows of the car. Also try to use shadows with arealight (softbox). The further your shadows are the less it cast black and go more blurry

  • You can desaturate a bit your robot. The scene seam desaturate.


The lighting and comp definitely need work, but your textures and shaders are not realistic at all. You really need to go back and redo those if you want a realistic result. For example, the scaling of the details in your textures is too large, which miniaturises your robot and destroys believability. You need to have more motivation in your detailing and pay closer attention to how those kinds of surfaces weather and age in real life. Your shader also needs a lot more reflectivity and detailing within that reflectivity.


Thank you for your comments. At this point I agree with you, so I need to go back all the way and texture, render again. But just I’m thinking about the reflection, since this is a rusty metal robot does it reflect too much? that’s why I keep reflections really low. That’s the texture below that I used on the model


Lighting wise it could use a bit of bounced light from the ground hitting it from underneath. The cast shadow on the ground could go a touch brighter too.

Comp wise the robot is too blurry, he should be sharper. Try to match the to the blurriness of the ground at the point he is standing. Also there appears to be a bit of a black outline around him.

A little hint of specular would be helpful too. Even painted/rusted metal like this would have some shine to it. Particularly on the surfaces that are at a glancing angle to the camera. Some soft reflection around the edges would help tie him into the shot even more.


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