Need advice over should i give up or not...


Hello everyone!
My name is nikos and i’m 16 years old!
So as you understood in 2 years from now i will have to give final exams and get my self into a university(No it’s not art university,it could be engineering for example).

If i want that i will have to study from now becaue the grades count up to 20% to my final test after 2 years!

So here’s my problem,i love 3D Art but i’m not that good yet,so should i give up and study or trying to study and practise and see what i will come up with?

I like creating characters,i started almost a year ago,studying pure anatomy,initially i was freaked out because of the names etc,but after a period of time i got my self very comfortable with it!The names started to have a point,a logic instead of just names they became like coordinates in my mind so i can bring what i have in my mind into the 3D world!

Here’s one of my first efforts :

And here’s one of my latests (drag into a new window for better view):

The main problem is that i don’t know if i can make it,i always wanted to get my self into the industry and be an experienced guy,thus i realised that it requires a lot to go there…

So please let me know!


Hi Nikos,
I’m not a character artist so I won’t comment On your work, but as a general comment after reading your post I would say don’t be discouraged about the standard of work in the industry. As you said yourself, it does take a lot of hard work, but your so young, if it’s what you want you have all the time in the world to make it happen!
So don’t feel put off if it takes a good few years to master this stuff, that’s actually not a super large amount of time, even if it may seem like it at 16 (and wow i feel old saying that…!)
On the other hand of course, if it’s feeling like too much hard work and you are struggling to stay motivated then maybe that’s a sign that it’s not for you, but I really wouldn’t give up and think that at your age you should quit :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Ps. I was 17 before I did my first digital painting, but after applying myself and working hard I landed my dream job 4 years later. You have a big head start on me!


I will consider to stick with this!I will struggle a lot of course because of high school work,but i suppose i could go beyond my limits.And i think i will obviously be rewarded for that!


Hi Nikos,

Let an quasi-old man (49) give you some advice. Just like you probably were when you where even half your age now, your dreams, fears, abilities and focus changed on a daily if not hourly basis. It’s hard to gain clarity of what truly calls you at your age. My advice: give yourself the time to see what that call is, for it will indeed change as you go. Hard work you will at whatever is most important to you and you may find yourself coming around full circle in many of your endeavors. So- don’t sweat it man!


Well,your suggestion makes point and it’s true!
Btw you’re not that old XD(althought even if you are considered by some people it’s not always bad cause it’s equal to experience!).

It’s just that Character art for example is difficult,i understand anatomy but i can’t really apply this knoweledge in Zbrush!Some people have told me that i’m just on the right way,and that most of the artist don’t have this kind of progress in 6 months and especially at this age so it’s more than normal!

But you know i get discouraged when i see my work,even i know it’s normal for this level,typically i could make it i think,because i was far worse 3D artist when i started comparing with now,when my knoweledge is 30X bigger!


learn how to copy other people’s formulas .You can cut away at time just by using preset things that other people made.It’s all just “editing” none will ever know where the original sources came from.And some things don’t take long to make like hair


Try and study until you get to uni and then you will have all the time you need to decide what you really want, plus you won’t have any regrets then. Just give it more time it will come to you :wink: