need a simple brush like ps hard round


ok here is what i am looking for a painter brush that works like the round brushes in photoshop ( the translusancy is what i am talking about) the scratch board tool comes close but at low opacities i get that strangeness as the tool turns corners…if anyone knows what brush i can use or how to kill the artifacts that show up in the scratchboard tool let me know…

btw i am looking for a non-watercolor brush or one that wont constantly be ‘evauating brush directions’ thank you


You can set one of the new “artist oils” brushes to work like the round photoshop brush, it’s not a perfect clone, but it’s got advantages like the ability to blend. Also you’ll still get corner problems on really sharp angles, but not anywhere near as bad as using the scratchboard tool.

Take any artist oils brush, turn viscosity to 0. If you want it to blend turn up the blending and the wetness, if you don’t, turn those to 0 too.

Oh yeah, it will still overpaint itself on the same stroke unlike the photoshop brush.


Why not use a simple pen brush, set to cover mode, round tip and low opacity?


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