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Before anything else
My latest finished work is linked here:
Programs I have access to: 3Ds Max and Mudbox

Hello everyone, I really need someone to help guide me grow further in my skills, I started my progression at ITT. Sadly they didn’t teach me how to character model , they taught me how to use 3Ds Max, been learning Mudbox on my own, on a very basic level. Since graduating I have definitely improved, by utilizing Youtube and any other free videos I could find. I really feel as though if I had a mature artiest to help guide me and tell me where I can improve and how on a personal level in my work would be very beneficial. Really all I’m looking for is someone I can count on to get back to me when I send them my current project to tell me what needs improvement and how to improve it. I have searched online for ways to improve and have, but I find myself at times knowing something is wrong, but not knowing what it is. Also I see this as purely an online thing via e-mails, not expecting anyone to hold my hand and do anything for me, just point out what I’m doing wrong, and tell me how to improve. Thank you to anyone who is willing to help, also I understand everyone else has a life and is busy, so anyone who is willing to help, I don’t expect time set aside for tutoring or anything like that.


Hey man,

I think your biggest issue is lighting and composition. Jeremy Birns book really helped me out a lot on this, and its one of the most recommended CG books around.



In my experience, there is no magic bullet for improvement. As much as you want to see it happen, you will never go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning a professional quality artist. It’s a journey, and although it can be slow and painful, there are things you can do to help yourself along. Posting in forums such as this is a great start (kudos!).

But the next thing I would recommend for you to do (it was recommended to me) would be to post as much work as you can in one of the WIP/sketchbook threads. You’re not going to be doing this as a way to brag about your skills, but rather as a way to get some of the industry’s best to stop by and offer helpful tips and suggestions on how you can improve. It takes a thick skin, because artists correctly assume that if you’re posting in one of those threads, it means that you want/need feedback. The more painful that feedback is, the more helpful it will be when you apply it to your work.

It can be daunting, the idea of putting your work out there next to all of those great artists, but that’s the only way to improve (at least, in my experience).

And remember: We’re all constantly improving. There’s no shame in producing crappy work, as long as you’re giving it your best shot each time. There is always a better artist, and even the best of the best have artists that they admire and feel that standing next to them would be daunting.

Good luck!


I really appreciate, both of your post, especially the book about lighting as that is an area I feel the weakest. Also I will definitely start posting my work in the W.I.P. I was just really hoping I could find someone who could help me improve and see were I am lacking over all, and not just on one piece of work, but I’m sure getting help in one piece will help over all, thanks guys. Also I am still very much open to any one who could act as a mentor for me on my journey as an artist, but really just someone who would give advice as a coworker would at a studio.


here is a link to the thread of my latest W.I.P.


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