Need a boost in the latest HD technology? Check out the 2010 HD Camera Guide


Hello, looking for a boost in the latest HD technology? I would like to mention my HD Camera Guide to the forum, this compilation of interviews with commercial directors and cinematographers is uncharted information from the field. Gain more confidence and technical knowledge on digital motion picture cameras—including the RED ONE, Phantom, Genesis, EPIC, Mark II, P2, and the AG-HVX200… The 2010 HD Camera Comparison Guide has been released, visit

  As we enter the digital revolution, are you ready to thrive with HD technology? Looking for new technology updates can be daunting, and camera reviews can be potentially biased and outdated, sit back and listen to working pros from the field!  
  From the creative concerns that DPs work with, to the RED ONE image, shooting ratios, camera weight, ergonomics, accessories and lighting, this Guide on CD format is an invaluable resource on the power and flexibility of digital technology not easily found in one place.  The 2010 Guide brings light to the collaboration and role of the cinematographer in a highly informative and down to earth fashion. Visit [](


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