Need a 3d guru to give me some advice!


I was at an intermediate level in 3d modeling, rendering etc However I went traveling for about 3 years and didnt open maya, zbrush etc

I am now coming back to 3d modelling and really want to crack on with a project as I feel its the fastest way to learn personally for me, I have a picture of the concept art that I want to copy as close as possible…now the problem…I have no idea where to start or how to go about doing it. I have been ripping my hair out for the last week trying to think and plan on how I am going to go about doing this.

I would love some advice on how to go about making this and/or any video tutorials courses I should buy etc…



Bump? :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback


ZBrush would do all that, and is the way I would go seeing as I have ZBrush. But surely you must have an idea of how to go about it as you are at intermediate level.


Sounds like you’re starting from scratch again after an extended period away, which only a solid project too sink your teeth into will resolve refreshing those dormant skillsets. Now I might have a solution at hand, it’s a Digital Tutors (PluralSight) in depth 40+ hr tutorial series covering just about every discipline in a pro baised CG pipeline, authored by industry vets called “Transforming Robot Production Pipeline”, since I’m on mobile ATM I can’t link it, sorry. Anyways see how you go browse the vids to get an idea what this tute package entails…oh for access theres a sub-fee required too unlock, I think from memory $16 - $36?.



Hey guys! Thanks ks for the tips :slight_smile: I remember that course I went through it partially, thanks for the reminder, I will buy it again and go through the whole thing :slight_smile: