Need a 2D game artist and sound artist to work on real-time multiplayer game


I am looking for sound and game artists for a realtime-multiplayer game I am developing. I am attaching links youtube videos our prototypes. It is more than a prototype. It handles server connections, network failures, gameplay etc. I would be happy to add people to my alpha testers list but only if they are willing to associate with the development.

Here is the concept of game: Screen is divided into 2 halves horizontally. Right one is yours and left one is of your opponent. Bugs are coming out from the middle of the screen and goings towards the edge, to eat the food (sticks and leaves). You have to use all the card options you have ( fire, gum, trap, spring, hose, pipes, wall etc…) to kill the bug and save the food. First one to end up with the empty plate will loose.