Need 2D art for shareware games. Will pay.


I am a professional shareware developer who is looking for artists that can create colorful, eye-popping art in a variety of game genres.

I would be particularly interested in hearing from artists who have assets already completed that they are looking to sell. Any game genre would be considered.

I am also willing to pay for custom work, but I do not have an extravagant budget. Payment for this project would be a small amount upon completion of each milestone, plus royalties up to some fixed amount we will agree upon beforehand.

I would be most interested in seeing art suitable for shooter style games. Tiles, ships, and animated explosions for top down or side scrolling space shooters, top down animated humans for a robotron or gauntlet style game, or even sillier style cartoon art for a side scrolling or overhead shooter.

If you think you might be interested in this, send samples of animated sprites and background tiles, or a link to them to


I have some old stuff from an unfinished game, I worked on a few years ago. Done with 3dsmax 1 and 2 on a sturdy P90 with 64mb ram. The game was a multiplayer death match shooter, where you collected money and well killed everyone else. 3d models also exist for everything.

The animations are all very extremely smooth, and all graphics exist already placed on a clip picture (which saves quite some work).

This pic shows a zillion details. We gots lots, and lots of explosions, I got about 5-10 ships, they can all tilt. There are plasma shots, rotating blinking mines, smoke, fire, rotating coints, powerups and some super big lobbing grenades, homing missiles and some more i’m sure. I spent alot of time on explosions, and if a ship is destroyed there are several animations, one animation will let the ship split and fly spinning and burning.

Here is a background. Note no tiles exist for the background I’m afraid, but the houses can be shot into pieces and will get more and more destroyed.


I'm sending you a mail.



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