Necromancer. Sculpt WIP


Hey all! I am currently sculpting a dude to dress him up later on) Some critisism on anatomy is very much appreciated! I am still striving to make him handsome, I’d say, elvish kind of handsome (slim and underfed). Any suggestions?)


ok, here is a full body update (perspective off)! I would like to hear what’s our oppinion on it!))


i see edges above his eye are to sharp cornered even coming out “pointy”, you could soften them a bit , and maybe have a look at his cheekbones, could be the lightning, but i
see a bit of flat spot over the cheekbone.


Seems like a great start. Dont be timid to really go in there and sculpt in that anatomy. If it’s too much , you can always knock it back down. Everything feels really soft and more mannequin like.
Also when doing a character, even if it looks messy in the beginning, just slap on some costumes you have in mind because it plays a huge part into what that character would be. Messy geometrys can always be cleaned up after. Dont be afraid to throw in ideas and refine later :slight_smile:
The face looks great, but it also feels like a normal guy’s face. Since he’s an elf, definitely play around with the ears and other features in general.
Keep going at it ! :bounce:


thank you, guys, for replying!)) I was away for some time and did not check my profile for a while. sorry for that))

ok, what I am doing now is mesh hair! I would really appreciate some advice on it!

Right now I made them like so (just so you know, i will paint the sсulp grey so it won’t come through all that strongly and bald part of the head will be covered by braids):