I downloaded the beta in the post above, generated a beta key, but the program keeps saying my key is invalid.


Thanks for reporting Phil. And there are no accidental spaces I suppose, as the icon next to the license key text field is green lit? We’re looking into your issue.


Yeah super! Its up and running on my CS4 64bit no problems. Could never get it to work before.

Only crit I have so far is the directions for getting a key and activating the plugin. My serial key doesn’t work. I installed and activated everything the wrong way around according to the instructions that I got last due to the fact that that is on the serial generation page.

I have forum access and 9 days is plenty of time to trouble shoot the registration.
Well done guys!


Thanks for reporting Phil. And there are no accidental spaces I suppose, as the icon next to the license key text field is green lit? We’re looking into your issue.

Doesnt seem to matter what order you do things in it still works. The above was my solution, very embarrassing.


Just a note,
Seems you haven’t posted yet on our Game-Artist.net Do you want me to plug the product there? If so let me know. I think our members there would love this.


I’m so glad it works for you now! And thanks for reporting what went wrong for you. You’re right, I completely forgot to post the last update on Game-Artist, I’ll do it right away! I really appreciate your will to plug it for us :slight_smile:


I didn’t have any spaces, since I copy/pasted the number in. I even checked to make sure there was no space after it. However I closed nDo and restarted it. This time it worked.


Done, front page plug Game-Artist.net


I’m glad you got it sorted! We’ll still look into what might have caused it.

Wow, thank you Kanga. I wish to express the gratitude of the entire team!


Hi guys,

Download the nDo2 Crash-fix Bonanza!

If you haven’t registered your copy yet, do it here!

This time around we’ve been digging deep, on a mission to kill every crash ever reported. We’ve been debugging and verifying for days now, and we’re hoping nDo2 should now be stabilized:

[li]Fixed all start-up crashes
[/li][li]Fixed crash when creating new normal, and all other PS connection related crashes
[/li][li]Added extensive user-friendly trouble-shooting information

With this release out of the way we now have a 100% focus on your feature requests – nothing else – for three weeks. Go nuts!!!

Should you still get issues see this FAQ or grab me.

nDo2’s been out for a few days now, and I’m stoked to see all the fantastic art starting to drop in. Check out Wiktor Öhman’s nDo2 piece:


<3 nDo! Great job guys, and thanks for featuring my scene!


Thank YOU for making awesome content :slight_smile:

We have a few big systems on their way (installer included), however these must first be tested extensively before we dare to release. In the meantime we thought we’d share this small pre-release!

Download latest nDo2 beta

New features based on your excellent requests

[li]Previewer on/off toggling
[/li][li]Previewer force-refresh button
[/li][li]Layer renaming via the nDo2 UI (simply right-click the layer name to edit)
[/li][li]Entering and exiting sculpt mode is now much faster
[/li][li]Fixed crash when duplicating sculpt layer
[/li][li]“Missing Visual Studio 2010 runtime” error on start-up hopefully solved

  • Teddy & the Quixel team


A batch of new user requested features:

Get the installer

[li]Easily hook multiple PS documents to any map channels in the previewer – whenever you save edits to the textures, the previewer will insta-reload
[/li][li]Baked normal to nDo2 normal – makes it easy to combine baked normals with nDo2 normals, and also simplifies getting your baked normals into the previewer. Converts either a single normal layer to nDo2 format, or an entire group of normals. If no nDo2 document has been created before converting, it will be auto-created during the conversion process
[/li][li]Support for converting baked normals to diffuse (cavity)
[/li][li]Support for blending baked normals
[/li][li]Zipping normals now much faster
[/li][li]AO tiling support for baked normal maps
[/li][li]A gazillion crash fixes



Alright guys, finally time to share what’s been cooking lately!

nDo2 Beta v0.0.3.5

First off, a few minor updates and new features:

[li]Improved normal creation speed
[/li][li]Photo-normal pre-processing feature
[/li][li]Previewer map binder improvements (now possible to bind map channels to unsaved PS documents)
[/li][li]Unreal-style light rotation support
[/li][li]Maya-style mesh interaction support

…but the major news in this build is:

[li]Photo-normal Preset Browser

The preset browser makes creating normals from photos a whole lot easier. There is also no longer a need to first generate normal, then apply the preset. You’ll feel the speed boost! A few key features:

[li]Photo-normal from file, with batch-processing support
[/li][li]Photo-normal from clipboard
[/li][li]Photo-normal from active document
[/li][li]Easily add and categorize your own custom presets
[/li][li]Quick-search your presets
[/li][li]14 new presets!

Here are some results using a few of the presets:

The nDo2 Beta is set to expire in three days. However, we thought that would be pretty sad, so we’ve now upgraded all 1,500 nDo2 beta accounts with unlimited access to the tool until the day it launches!

Grab your nDo2 upgrade now!


nDo has its first birthday today, and to celebrate there are a few announcements we’d like to share! First, we’re kicking off the nDo2 HD video tutorial series with the following leathery piece:


Another announcement we’re making is we’re upgrading our pricing model with the new Freelancer option – this license will go for just $99, and will allow full commercial use for freelancers.

Happy birthday nDo!


Hey everyone!

Grab the latest nDo2 here!

Some key additions and improvements:

[li]Improved licensing system – now possible to activate license without port 3306 access. This is good news for everyone who were previously experiencing firewall issues (mainly large companies)
[/li][li]Tileable photo-normal displacement (note: extends the functionality of the nVidia Filter)
[/li][li]Fixed occasional crash when applying preset to file or clipboard
[/li][li]Bunch of new presets!

Some of the new presets:


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