Hey all!

About a year ago I released a thing called nDo. The feedback I got from you guys was nothing short of amazing, and the tool really grew thanks to your input. 16 releases later, sadly, the limitations of scripting started to get in the way of all your kick-ass feature requests.

It was time to do nDo for real. I quit my job. My friends quit theirs. We ate gruel for 8 months.

We present nDo2!

We just released the nDo2 site – check it out and retweet like crazy!

Initially we planned on a closed beta, but just now we thought, hey, screw it! Everyone should be able to get nDo2! Sign up NOW for the open beta! Tell all your friends!

Major credit goes out to the guys at Blizzard, EA Blackbox and Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong, who all helped make nDo2 what it is. And of course, you guys. You rock.

  • Teddy & the Quixel Team


Thanks, i will be sure to get it a whirl. I also really like the pricing structure.


Very nice!
Any plans for Mac version?


What an amazing upgrade! Even the website is hugely improved. Can’t wait to give this a try soon.


I’m in :slight_smile:

Great job making something 3D artists need!

FYI Works for Photoshop CS3, CS4 and CS5. Support for CS2 is not in yet, but is currently being implemented.


great job … you got me in :wink:


Thanks Carl! No immediate plans for a Mac version I’m afraid, as we lack the resources to pull it off. :blush:


I definitely found your first one to be amazing and I’m glad to see it’s still going. I’ll have to keep up with your site now.
Thanks for your awesome work!!


sweet … thanx a lot … definitivly a buy on my side !!

now … if only i could access the 3d preview …

how am i supposed to see it ? any clue ? i am on cs5 x64

thank you


It should definedly work - same OS here…
The 3D Preview only has quite an unexpected implementation.
The Cube you see around the Editor is not part of the Logo - it is the Preview. Just use MMB on it or scoll and you will see. Very cool.

To the developers: I’m wondering if you plan is to stay so Normal-Map centric? Is it in your plans to allow for Batch-Creation and Saving of all sorts of Maps? Will one be able to save Projects so that one can go on tweaking an existing Material?


wow…can’t wait to try beta


Download link not working?


I’m getting a server error when I try to download. Anyone else having that problem?


Okay listen up everybody!

We’re experiencing massive server issues right now, though that does not mean you cannot try out the nDo2 beta!


We’ve made it possible so that if you cannot activate your license, you will still be able to run nDo2 in fall-back trial mode – this fall-back trial is valid for 10 days (we’re bumping it up to 30 in the next release to be safe), hopefully enough for us to remedy the bulk of our issues.

So we have bumped into quite a few issues the last 24 hours. I just got back from some sleep after 43 hours of non-stop adrenaline-fueled work. I’m truly sorry for not being able to respond to your feedback and reports during the human down-time time.

Yesterday 97% of all registered users had successfully activated their license, today that number is down to 50%. Our servers went down due to huge pressure, and no new users can at the moment register their license. We’re truly and deeply sorry about this.

We’ve had such a large number of registrations and traffic (100 GB in one day, holy moley) our servers have gotten completely overwhelmed, we’re not 100% sure yet what the problem is, we’re working really hard now trying to find the cause and get it all up and running ASAP again.

Apart from individually answering each one of your hundreds of mails and posts, we’re working very hard trying to solve the following things:

[li]Re-establishing the license authentication server
[/li][li]Getting the user verification system back on-line
[/li][li]3D Previewer crash
[/li][li]Start-up crash
[/li][li]Crash/failure/disappearing of nDo2 license activation window
[/li][li]Keeping the verification mail from being sent to spam

The response we’ve gotten has been out of this world, we never expected it to be this big, and I’d just like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for the immense help and support you’re providing us with.


The trial lasts only eight days ? i’m sorry but that’s just not enough for a proper evaluation when you got other stuff to do during normal daytime hours.

/ Magnus


Thanks Teddy! I’m looking forward to trying out the new features over the weekend.


Sorry about the confusion Magnus!

When nDo2 is released it’ll naturally have a proper trial period – 30 days.

The purpose of the trial was to let the user run nDo2 if he experiences issues in registration/license generation (which is free and helps us know our users, making it easier for us to get in touch should they run into any problems). Those 8 days would hopefully give us enough time to address those issues.

We realize now that 8 days is perhaps not enough for us to solve all activation related issues, and as you say, too short to evaluate nDo2 effectively, should we fail to get the issues fixed.

The next beta release will cover 30 days of unrestricted fall-back trial usage.


Totally agree with Magnus3D just cancelled my download because, I know better.
Maybe I will stumble across the news upon final release… maybe not.

Looks cool though.


the interface is so much better! the viewer changes everything!! since v1 i thought you’re going to quit development… so good to see you (how many devs…?) back on the case!

don’t stop rockin’!!!



Hey everyone! There’s now a bunch of fixes and feature additions for nDo2 based on all your fantastic feedback!

Get the latest version here!

Don’t have a beta license yet? Register here!

What’s been fixed/added:

[li](user request) Tileable Ambient Occlusion
[/li][li](user request) Extended texture file format support for previewer: dds, png, hdr, jpg, bmp, pfm, ppm, dib
[/li][li](user request) Copy document to clipboard feature
[/li][li]Added 2 new photo2normal presets – “Smooth Stone” & “Megavolume Cliff” – the latter one is quite complex, you have been warned!
[/li][li]nDo2 should no longer crash when pressing “New normal”
[/li][li]Fixed all registration/user verification/license authentication issues, site is now fully stabilized!
[/li][li]Fixed license activation window crashing/not showing up
[/li][li]An extensive error logging system which lets us know exactly where it breaks, also analyzing your device specs to make the error tracking minimally painful for the user
[/li][li]New helpful message boxes with tips on how to solve the current issue (+ links to customer support upon critical failure, with easy-to-copy error messages)
[/li][li]A help menu with quick-links to the online tutorials, nDo2 site, and legal information

Some statistics!
[li]There are now over 1,000 active participants in the nDo2 beta
[/li][li]Prebooking slots cross 500, 1000 in total
[/li][li]The nDo2 site generated over 100GB of traffic in just 2 days, yikes!
[/li][li]You guys are awesome! (perhaps not a statistic per se, but a fact nonetheless!)

Also, the preset saving/loading system is getting a complete visual overhaul. Expect it in a release not far away!

  • Teddy & the Quixel team