nCloth - Question


I have a nCloth applied to the clothes of my character.
I parented the nConstraints to the body geometry… and they don’t move along the body as they are suppose to in the animation.

So my question is -

For nCloth to move along the body geometry - what is best to use…
Constraints or just a simple parent.
and of-course…
what do you constraint / parent, it to… the body geometry? or something else… so that they move exactly according to the body geometry’s animation.


Select the verts of the cloth you want to pin down and choose nConstraint - Transform. Then parent the transform constraint to your geometry.


Hi again fleabay…

Thank you for the quick response…

Actually I have done exactly as you have said…
and also mentioned it in my question at the start.

The problem is when the body geometry bends or twists… the ncloth(constraint transform(locator)) wont move accordingly…


Make the mesh a passive collider under nMesh. Choose the verts on the nCloth and then shift select the mesh and choose nConstraint - point to surface.


Assuming you have of course made the body a passive collider…

The way I like to do it is use input attract. There are more options. You can paint the weight fall off for it as well.

Before you make the cloth object an nCloth, bind it to the rig just as you do with the body. You can then paint weights if you want but usually a heat map will be enough.

Ignore odd deformations at this point around any parts of the body you don’t want to be using attract.

Then apply the cloth modifier and then add some input attract value and then you can paint attributes under nMesh/paint vertex properties.

I usually flood it with 0 value and paint in the parts I want attract with a positive value.


Thanx for the advices guys…

Really Helpful…!!!

Thanx once again… :slight_smile:


Here is a tutorial that covers the ‘input attract method’ by Duncan Brinsmead :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late response… I just checked the thread and I saw your reply (bellwether)…

Thank you… the tutorial is really helpful !!


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