Hi !!!
I’m having huge problems creating a scene in maya:
I have to create an animation of a set of sheets of paper that runs along a curve around an object like a kind of magic.
Is there anybody who could tell me what kind of pipeline I have to adopt or who could give me some advice on how to approach to the problem?
For now I have approached the scene using first ncloth on a single sheet of paper, after which I created a vortex field but does not allow any kind of control of the mesh.
So I tried to bind the sheets to a curve with the attract mesh but even here I did not succeed.
“Help me Obi Wan you’re my only hope”
many thanks


you are almost on the right track, the easiest and procedural way is to use at first mash.
So you have your peace of paper, use mash to have some of them ( the hole point is to have Mash in repro mode and not instance to have 1 single mesh a output)
Attach a Mash curve node and a Mash random node to have some variation.

Now you can apply the ncloth to your output mesh, and set the input attract to some value to make it follow.

The good part is that you can change at any time with Mash the number of your sheets with another shape, randomize the colors etc and the ncloth will update automatically.
Also performance wise it’s really good as you have only 1 single mesh shape for all you sheets as input for your cloth, so it’s pretty efficient.


Hi Onouris! Really thanks for your reply!

I just tried to do some tests and I have to say that it works, the only problem is that it seems that Maya can not handle the scene.
I’m using maya in cm with large sheets 24x30. The nucleus is set with 12 substep and normal gravity.
maya works in centimeters.
I’m trying on a non-closed curve with 10 sheets (which however become a single mesh) and when I start the ncloth simulation, the sheets start to go crazy.
Should I create an alembic of my repromesh?

Am I doing something wrong?


first keep in mind that even if maya is in cm the nucleus will still operate un meter. (in the nucleus you have a “scale attributes” tab, you can change the space scale).

Also the input attract should be in a good balance, enough to follow the input mesh but also not that much to let the cloth behaving like a cloth. ( i would say less than 0.5)