nCloth intersecting help


I have a curtain that I’m opening, and when the cloth starts to collide, it starts intersecting and sticking to itself in gross ways. What setting can I adjust to correct this?


Just a shot in the dark since I am not sure exactly how your scene is setup, but check to make sure your normals aren’t reveresed.



You need to look at two important things:

[li]your nCloth Thickness and self collde you can even preview it with the Solver Display[/li][li]your solver Attributes " Substeps" and " Max Collisions Iterations" my production settings are[/li][ul]
[li]Substeps 14-16[/li][li]Max Collisions Iterations 30-45[/li][/ul]


Worked perfectly. I also discovered that if I increase the “Max Self Collide Iterations” (under Quality Settings in the cloth object) from 4 - 12, it helps quite a bit. Thanks!


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