nCloth + input mesh attract + base mesh animation, mesh twisting, noising and deformation.


Describe the scene:
vore snake, the Anaconda strangles and swallows the girl on the bed.

Technically: ncloth static collider and dynamic ncloth hair are attached to the human model. nCloth hair is tightened by Rest Length Scale(0.55 instead of 1). Hair through BlendShape transmits animation curve, to which through through SplineIKSolver attached snake.

Locators are responsible for twisting the snake, it is not so important. The parameters of the dynamics of normal, it doesn’t matter, as if I didn’t change, it turns out error.

The geometry of the snake’s body twists and flies away. Never left before. Maya folder with settings removed, did not help. I re-installed Maya.

In the screenshot, the model is distorted, it is shrinkWrap, it is necessary to push out the geometry of the snakeskin model.

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