[nCloth] Having areas with various rigidity


Hy guys ! i’m curious if there is any way to have areas(vertex cluesters) with different rigidity values across an nCloth object… this would be usefull for maintaining the shape of a complex sewing pattern that would get messed up if it had the same rigidity as the cloth it held toghether


There are several things you can do to make the parts of a surface more rigid. The first is to paint rigidity as a vertex map or texture. You could also assign vertices to a transform constraint or other. Another option would be to use an attracting mesh.


thanks for pointing me in the right dirrection man :beer:


The rigidity on an nCloth is a single transform for the entire cloth object, so painting rigidity on selected bits of the cloth will likely NOT do what you are after.

Instead make the stretch/compression and bend resistance high. Then paint the bend values white where you want it stiffer.

Or… this will likely be more efficient to compute… select the vertices you wish to be more rigid and create a component to component constraint. On the constraint make the method “max distance” and set the max distance value such that you get lots of links between the points( lower the max distance or connection density if there are too many connections to keep things from getting slow). In general the more connections and the higher the constraint strength the more rigid it will be.



I’ve just gotten bit by this - expecting a painted rigidity map to only affect the areas with high weights. This makes me curious, though - what is a rigidity vertex map used for? It seems to me that it should not be an option at all if it doesn’t do anything. Or perhaps it does do something, just not what I’m expecting. If anyone could enlighten me on this, it would be most helpful. Thanks!



If you paint the rigidity then the white parts will be like a single hard shell and the black parts will be soft and floppy. (note that the per vertex value is a rigidity scale and the base rigidity attribute has to be non-zero to see an effect) However you can’t paint separate hard parts… there is only 1 rigid transform per cloth. Rigidity is a global effect, not a relative and local effect like bend and stretch. For stiffening a region in a relative sense one can paint bend/stretch, although this requires very high base bend/stretch +substep values to make the parts rigid. In such cases it is often better to select the group of vertices you wish to stiffen and create a component to component constraint , changing the method to max distance on the constraint (and adjusting the maxdistance value). This can create a web of crosslinks that can stiffen parts like a zipper or collar.



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