nCloth delay on playback when child forces connected to Rivet


Hello, guys.

I’m trying to make flying object with some forces connected to it, here is simple example of the problem:

I have nCloth cube, which falling, I connected Rivet to its surface which follows its location, then I parented some spline to it and everything works fine on playback, but when I’m trying to parent some force to it, everything that connected to force is starting to delay for 1 frame on playback.

The idea is to control movement of my cube with force which following it, but the problem is that because of this 1 frame delay, the force is shifting and with high speed it losing object completely. I know that I can make that force work with infinite range, but I need to make it work only with some part of object.

I need help to understand is it possible to make them move together without delay, maybe you know some workaround or solution. Thanks!