Ncloth and volume axis


Hi, I have an ncloth object which is being broken up into hundreds of bits by a volume axis field like a (very uniform) tornado. I have turned off gravity because i don’t want the original ncloth object to move. However as soon as the VA field does it’s thing, which looks great, the debris just hover in the air, rotating. However I need them off the screen.

What i’m asking is, how do i get the debris to fly off and continue to fly off forever, without doing something which will cause the original Ncloth object to move? I’ve tried most of the Volume Axis settings and most of the Ncloth settings.

any help would be great.



erm, not sure what you mean?
make the field larger so they fly around and off screen?
or blast the power so they fly out of the field?
give us a sample of whats happening…
do a search, we were doing a ncloth vortex post a few months ago, Your Daft Punk made a cool shirt tornado scene…



forgot to reply and say thanks

yup you were right it was just a question of tweaking the values until the particles blew out of the field of view. Eventually sorted it. I guess i was just frustrated that the particles kept rotating continuously yet the movement away from the centre would fall off suddenly.


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