NBCs "Kings" show


Hey guys. I was just wondering who else saw Kings last night with its two hour series premere. It had some damn nice archetectural work and visual effects as a whole. Anyone know who has been working on the show. If you saw it what did you think?

I thought it was really sharp overall. Great acting, writing, visuals and pace.

(we have lost threads, heroes threads and such, figured one more wouldnt hurt)


I didn’t watch it yet, but it’s in my hulu queue:



Watching it now… Ian McShane was one of those enormous influences on Deadwood (like Timothy Olyphant) that you take for granted when you watch it without ever realising just how much gravitas that man has…

I like this show so far, really wondering where it is going. It seems to stay on middle-ground at the point where I am now… not too political, not too military, not too religious, not too sexy… but it’s indulging, it’s been ages since I’ve seen royal drama (I am one enormous stature-addict).

I miss the enormous cast of shows like Deadwood or the emotional sublayer of Carnivale, so far, but, I’m watching :slight_smile:


Both great shows. I hope HBO does something to wrap up the carnivale storyline. maybe a one banger movie or something.

yeah, my buddy hadnt seen it so i re-watched it last night. i dig it. im not sayin its my favorite show on tv, but its up there right now


Yea it is pretty interesting. I think that if it stays with the outline of the biblical story it could end up being quite epic, I look forward to seeing how they handle David becoming a fugitive,
I was also wondering, of the princess is supposed to represent Jonathan?


I just heard that the show had bad ratings in the USA and if may be cancelled. :frowning:


it had around 4-6 million viewers on its premiere, certainly not an epic audience, but i wouldnt call it bad, modest would prob be a bit more accurate.

Im just curious, is the show supposed to be “heavily inspired” by David and Goliath, or is it supposed to “be” David and Goliath?


Well I always thought when I heard the premise of the story that it was a bit too risky. Not to get political or anything but right now people in the US are having pretty heated debates concerning Big government. Making a show about a monarchy in a clearly American society kind of goes against everything this country is about. There is bound to be some rejection of the show just based on that, its the writers job to make the story as appeaing as possible. Personally if they throw in a revolution in there Americans would be all over it. We love our mass uprisings.

That being said the show is actually pretty damn good. Its emotional and the story is well written. I think once people actually realize that its the story of David then they will probably warm up to it. I know I did. Its an interesting concept nonetheless, but you first have to get an audience (particurlary and American audience with a fear of Monarcies) then you will get more people into it. I perosnally loved the show.


I finally got time to sit down and watch it. I thought it was very good and hope it gets an opportunity to thrive.


I really enjoyed the show, found it to be a breath of fresh air and hope so much that it gets a fair run


Another good episode, this show has got my attention!


yup, i enjoyed it a lot. threw some interesting story elements in that I cant wait to find out more about.


Just saw the first episode on Hulu. Like it. But does it have legs?
If the writing or episodic direction get sloppy…would it have been better a mini-series?


I was thinking the same thing. I think that maybe doing a 13 episode run would be more than enough to get the story wrapped. Will NBC let the show run that long, I don’t know. They don’t really have anything on Sundays, so maybe.


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