Navy Pilot ,Andy Lee, Andy lee (3D)


Title: Navy Pilot ,Andy Lee
Name: Andy lee
Country: South Korea
Software: 3ds max, VRay, ZBrush

Title: pilot
Name: Andy Lee
Country: South of Korea
Software: max, Photoshop,zbrush

Hi everyone, this is my latest private work.
At first, started with reference of military figures.
and make a effort to give him more humanism.
modeling and lighting were done with 3dmax,zbrush.
textures were done with photoshop.
thank you !

you can see more images below web Links.


very detail work.
well done, my friend.


I lvoe the detail in this, but for some reason it keeps screaming 6in figurine at me lol.


very good work man . but i think the material OF the PIPELINES Need to be modified to be close to rubber .
:slight_smile: 5 stars for this work


Yeah, I must agree! It looks somehow like a miniature! I also think the bump on his clothing is maybe a little bit too heavy, which may be the reason for the scaling effect. Other than that great modelling! Keep it up!


so wonderful. many details. very clean. your modeling and texture is very cool.


nice man…now u need the jet:)


Wow, great model!


congratz Andy Lee

good job


Very nice model mate.
Keep it up


Really nice work!! 5 stars from me!!


Very good work…congratulations for all image…

5 Stars…


thank you everyone,friend for comments and critique.
this model like a 6 inch figure seems to be really small in this Camera shot.
but Actually, this model’s real size is very tall.
because of camera angle,position,it looks smaller.
and i want to show the detail so rendered fully filled.
i thought that the rubber pipe was no glossy material.
anyway, thank you for C&C. friends.^^


I like ur 2nd image most…Brilliant work bro…5 stars frm me…defeneatly… :buttrock:


Nice work man:) . Good details and texturing.



Really good work! Only the Helmet glare 2 much…


hi everyone.
this is the image of zbrush.


extremely fine work :slight_smile:


Very nice job.


the wrinkle on his forhead cuts into his hairline it seems.

other than that… breathtaking work.