Navy Museum, Amit Dixit (3D)


Title: Navy Museum
Name: Amit Dixit
Country: India
Software: 3ds max

Designed a section of navy museum and rendered it.Will design some more adjacent display area when find time to work on my own stuff.Hope you people will like it.


Huh nice work, i love the grey old textures of the seeling and wall.
The image with the ship looks a bit bright ( selfilluminate )


Very nice!

Do you have any close ups or higher resolution images? I’d love to see the dive helmet up close. :slight_smile:

Are those copyright watermarks I see?


Cool! It’s quite realistic. Nice work!


Thanks neofisk,Maraxcruz and Vizu for your time and comments…!

Some WireFrame SShot & Test Renderings


yup, those are watermark…!!
Close up shot:


Remarkably Perfect lighting dude …Liked the concept too.
Nicely detailed and Real too…Great Job done…5-Star Rating from ME !


Nice lighting and a great scene, I do think though that you could do with repeating your textures less, there are quite a few areas where there is obvious repetition. The floor texture surface looks great but the textures looks a bit odd. Overall a really nice pic though.


Very nice lighting. 4 stars.
What is the renderer?


Rendered using Vray and Rendering time was 7.30 hours!!



‘YES- i forgot’
Please post your light and Vray settings …will be helpfull!

Very Impressive work :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


No More Comments … :frowning:


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