NatXotic- Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Ok, here i am trying to give this exercise a shot.

I’ll be using Maya 6.0 and one of the rigs from rigging101, probably ikJoe.

The first idea i have is:
A guy skipping down the road. Looking right and left and back then realizing something fast left turn with head and finaly complete numb as something(train, bus …) is about to hit him.

I don’t know if i stay with this idea, as it is my first thought and i would need a bus/train-model, but guess simplified model would be ok.

Let’s see.


Quick Update:
Well i was thinking again and noticed that a skipping character isn’t good for a close up, as he would be always of cam. :slight_smile:
So new idea:
Ik-Joe sitting at a table outside a european cafe and having a cigarette. Then his jaw drops, cut away and u see Ik-Jane walking by with that female sexy hipshake walk. cigarette fall into his lap and … (well that’s it, as we only have 4 seconds, but it’s open to imagination :slight_smile: )

I hope this fits the rules, but i’m gonna reread them. I also hope to block some poses this weekend. I wished a day had 72 hours.


It may be harder to do, but I don’t think it’s against the rules.

One thing I wish I realized earlier is that the ‘reaction’ doesn’t have to be surprise or fear. There’s nothing in the description that states it has to be. The character just has to react to something, with a camera cut mid-reaction.



Exactly , its not limited with fear or surprise.


Hello everyone,
well i didn’t find any time last week and i think i might not be able to finish this project how i want it to be. I’m currently moving and have to take care of tons of stuff.
Anyhow, just this very night i found some leisure time to start animating IK-Jane a bit.
The sexy walk thing seems to be harder than i thought. It might work how it is, as we only see maybe 1-2 seconds of her in the 4 seconds clip.
IK-Joe is gonna be the main focus and is pretty hard, the poses i tried first outta my head didn’t work. Also i had trouble getting him into a nice pose at all.

What i will try todo is, if i find time i act him out in front of a cam with different angles and then pose him that way.
The dropping jaw will look very stupid i guess, as he just gets a huge chin, we’ll see.
So here’s my litlle jane so far.

Tell me your suggestions.


Well, first of all, IK_Jane has got to stick out that chest! Lead with the primative goods! Head back a bit. I noticed her hip was swaying, that’s good. But you’re right, she will be in there for a couple seconds at most. That doesn’t leave much time to ‘sachet’.

I don’t think the jaw will be a problem. Even if it looks like his mouth is ajaw, that will still be appropriate. What I’m worried about is the eyes. If I remember, IK_Joe doesn’t have much for eyes, and I think they are very important to any reaction he could have with IK_Jane. Bug eyes, Wide eyes, eyes that are casually gazing to focused laser-beam concentration on Jane… All hard to do with the two small black spheres I remember on IK_Joe.

I’m not saying it’s not do-able, I’m sure a lot of supportive body movement could compensate. I’m just saying that if you havn’t spent too much time on it yet, maybe Mr. Generi could oggle another Mr. Generi in a dress.

Oh, and I know how much moving can suck. Good luck. It’s Hell.



Thanks for the crits,
i definetly know i have to do tons of walkcycles after this exercise.
I think that i just show IK-Jane from the back downwards on that cut. So feet and hip have to be in place to get it. If anybody notices something about that area that’s wrong, crits are very welcome.


nice start…
you can try to use her toe flexing more and have that front leg reach for the next step…
try to contact the ground farther out front, the front leg should be straight just prior to contact.
here’s a link to a walk tutoiral from… should help :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, couldn’t finish it. Still painting the walls of my new home.
Hopefully next time i’ll make it. Good entries that i’ve seen so far.
Cheers guys


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