Natural/Hand-held camera track app


Hey all, I wanted to do a quick check if there would be any interest from 3D/VFX/motion people in a tool I built to solve a problem. Basically I needed a handheld camera shot with a particular motion around an object, and hand-animating the path would have been too laborious. Instead I wrote an app that let me make the motion I wanted with a smartphone camera, and export it as keyframes.

This worked better than filming the shot and trying to extract a camera track, as it was faster to iterate on, I could use more dramatic movements, and I didn’t need to worry about feature points being in frame.

The app is in a real rough state currently (I’m manually extracting the takes, running a script on my PC to convert them etc) but if theres interest I was thinking of polishing it up so it can handle multiple takes easily and upload the tracks to a site so you can just download and import them directly (maybe even to the level of Ctrl-C Ctrl-V in After Effects).

So I guess the question is; have you had a job where this tool would have come in handy? And would you have paid to save the time & effort of doing it manually? If so, what software were you using? (I’m also thinking it could be used for object motion too, but for now I think camera motion is the most obvious).


Forgot to mention; I’m also looking for iOS beta tester volunteers if I proceed.