Nat's Sketchbook




I enjoyed working on this personal project, I learned a lot and discovered the countless things I can still improve for this project. I will take what I learned to the next one :slight_smile:


More personal stuff, I’d like to work on stone texture, natural scenes and zbrush sculpting. Tried new things, I succeeded in some baking some details but I would like to push more.


Took the chance to work on optimization of a simple asset (the same bench). Cut the tri number from 3180 to 1356 :smiley:


More Zbrush and baking fun :slight_smile:



Based on a youtube tutorial buy Ryan Pocock


Trying to get over my dislike of substance designer :slight_smile: (Texture based on tutorial by Sharpstance) scene is just a mock up for testing materials, will arrange in a nicer way later.


More fun with textures :slight_smile: This time with landscape painting in UE4 , will go back and fix rocks and color harmony

Tutorial again based on Sharpstance


More Zbrushing :slight_smile:


No tutorial reference. I tried to remember all nodes that I used earlier and create my own plaster texture.



Technical study in organic assets and lighting


change of pace…I’m going to focus on one single asset instead of a big scene :slight_smile: WWII portable radio


School work Work in progress still



WIP for school…hard surface in Zbush…really tough, not done yet




A bit of changes to the site :slight_smile:

Colors are not final, still WIP