Nat's Sketchbook


Hello everyone, nice to meet you!
My first post/thread on this lovely forum :slight_smile: (I have been following silently for a while). I would like to start this sketchbook to share my work and learn from this wonderful community. Thank you for your help!

A bit of info about me. My name is Natalie, I studied architecture in which I worked for a few years but now I went back to school again to pursue my passion. I currently study 3D modelling and animation for video games in Montreal. I had some experience with 3D, but rather the basic stuff (Google sketchup). I began learning the serious stuff back September 2017 (first semester). I will post things as I go :slight_smile:

project 1: Enclosed motorcycle in a bio-hazard environment for design class, modelling in MAYA, textures in substance Painter.
project 2: organic modelling practice.


Low res cottage design for texturing work later on :slight_smile:
Going to fix corners and make the details smoother


Hello :wink:

And an animation draft I’m working on


If the video does not load properly, here’s the link :


Something I’m working on :slight_smile:


Normal Baking pratice on very low poly model (12 faces)
Im trying to link to the sketchfab model, but I keep getting 404 error.



A project I am currently working on, a room design with 28 assets. I would like to practice speed modeling and level design workflow. I started with blocking out the assets in Maya and arranged them in UE4. Then I wrote down everything in an excel sheet and started the meshing pass.

If you have any advice, critique or comment please let me know :slight_smile:

Blocking UE4

Beginning of the Meshing Pass (made the room longer), it was 3x3 tiles in the blocking, it is 4x3 now. There are missing assets (did not model them yet, I’m working through the list)

2 variations of doors, will added dirt through decals.

Wood texture created in Substance Designer

Unique assets textured in Substance Painter

Current work in progress, Unique asset. I will model a high rez, and paint in Painter.

Most of the modulars have been modeled but not textured yet.


One more piece, have to practice texturing


more texture work


New Asset for the same project above, low poly. I just finished the UVs, I will start on the high poly soon.



Stylized prop for an animation, I spent a lot of time playing with Arnold lights… I still have no idea how they work :slight_smile:


Texture and topo pratice


More progress from the level project, I might make another wall variation


texture and render lighting





On the last asset, the frame bar is coming straight out of the wheel? If that is some sort of design decision/mechanism etc that is not visible, then I think additional photos are needed, if it is a mistake of some sort, then fix it :slight_smile:
Another thing that I wanted to write, but didn’t think it was worth to mention alone, but since its two things now :slight_smile:
So that cupboard with mirror. The mirror part seems rather high on polies, given that that is a game asset and its a flat surface that wont deform, I’m questioning if this is justified. If it is hero object then maybe, but to me it looks abit overstated in polies. Maybe you should look into it. Sadly can’t help with any more meaningful advices ^^’.


You are right on the wheels of the last asset, my bad. I modeled it quickly, but that’s no excuse. I will revisit and see how wheels attach to trolleys properly.
The second as well, I started this project to learn how to create assets, experiment with techniques, and get feedback. I will try to revisit the mirror surface and optimize. Thank you Kazkas for the thoughtful feedback!

Edit: Spaced out the wheels and added the connection (rather simplified)

reduced the mirror polycount, quick render


One more asset for the room project