Nice design! It wold be cool to see it rendered in a different scenario, maybe in a future highway or something? Just thinking of options. good luck!


Agree, maybe in the future not only race roads will be so nice and smooth. Remember “roads” in “Minority Report” movie? Again, we get back to question about road clearance :slight_smile:

If i had more time… also would like to render it in diff location and angle.


yeah I bet roads in the future will be as smooth as glass.


Then I highly suggest you turn the wheel ever so slightly for your final render. The viewer should always receive subtle hints like these for believability. Maybe even leave the cockpit open exposing the interior gauges and stuff. That adds an even greater sense of realism. Thanks for taking the criticism—I know it could be difficult as the artist but hang in there, you have a great idea.


Now more then right you are. Totaly agree about these suggestions.


fantastic design :thumbsup:


Fantastic vehicle concept! Great image. Congratulations and good luck!


Nice design :slight_smile:


MGELA, this is someone else’s thread, please don’t post your work here. This contest is closed now anyway.


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