My image illustrates some near future racing bolid after finishing the round. It based on magnetic wheel supports and electric motor.

Cheers from Russia!


Wow :bounce: :bounce: this image is perfect the lighting is great on the vehicle and also on the drive walking away. It would be great if you could post the front view of this vehicle.


hi, very impressive i love it… Have you drawn out any other sketches before you decided to do this piece? just asking otherwise excellent


Wow this is cool man, I like the illuminated night feeling. Maybe the composition is a little off balanced or maybe it’s just me. Anyway this is one of my favs. Good luck!


thank`s a lot, guys! I did some rough sketches on paper elaborating the whole shape, nothing to show, actually. But i did some low-rez 3d previz from diff angles


great work! really like the mood and the color treatment.
Best of luck!


very well done :slight_smile: great job! I like this concept. Huge vehicle but thats what I like in it :slight_smile:

good luck!


Nice, I think this is the closest design to syd’s style so far…


Many thank`s! Well, i guess i start second image. One is not enough for me (not to win, of cource) - to enjoy this kind of “official drawins” in Syd Mead style. Not every day we have such great contests.

Good luck!


Hey Pavel. I like the concept. But I do not like the hose, black drop shadow and little low-quality background with the audience. You probably did it very quickly I think. :slight_smile: Overall nice job.


You forgot to mention low quality of the sole. Its not painted detailed enough, as boots themselves :beer: Pity, its not a “boots designe” contest, otherwise my boots would be much better painted

and about “little low-quality background with the audience” - nice joke ))


This is just stunning, though i do agree about the soles of the mans boots, they are very poor :smiley: lol. i’m just kidding. You did enough to convince me of the proper environment for this vehicle to be shown in, if you don’t mind the pun, it is very transportative, and it is one heck of a design that mr mead would be proud of…Congratz to you. It is a fantastic image. in my top three to this point…



Ok Pavel. You are right :wink:


looks nice, especially like the rear stop light, but…


you missed the point. This is not rear… :wink: (ist not that obvious from 3d previzes i showed? If its red it doesnt mean its rear. This is not a family car for city, if you havent guessed yet)))))))) There is nothing in common except they both white and shiny . If you cant tell one concept idea from another (or even rear from the front), better not to show “references” at all, dude. Cheers!


I really like this one, it borrows a few of Syd Mead’s geometric elements real well. Keep going!


Killer stuff… this design is awesome… the composition, lighting … its all doing good in the final image. And those sketches (Pre-Vizs) are cool too… Wish you luck on your second image… Keep it up!


Nice concept.I like the overall looking of the image.

One of my favorites here.Absolutely amazing.

Just some questions and critics:

1- How this monester can turn left or* right?

I am seeing the front wheels and back wheels are fixed so no way for it to turn left or right.

2- How the driver can see his way?

3- Also there is very small gap between the car body and the ground and almost laying on the ground,I think this gap is not enough to make the car pass any subtle obstacles or holes in the ground.

Keep it up.


Good point and excellent constructive criticism. You have to realize that Syd Mead not only designed his cars because they looked cool or borrowed art deco stylized effects just for appearance. If you’ll notice by studying his art, definitely take into consideration the functionality aspect of it as well. Syd’s work was highly praised because everything was believable—people like to imagine themselves using the vehicle and if they find it impossible to turn or whatnot, then the design is incomplete. One cool thing you can add is a bulge on the top and bottom of the front wheel…or maybe just the top…to give the impression that inside this bulge is the steering motor. You can give it some vents and wires sticking out to mimic that look and it would still look like your design. Nice job again…very inspiring design.


Many thanks to all of you!

Here are the explonations.

Front wheel not fixed. It cant do sharp turns, but it doesnt need to, it is CIRCLE speedrace car (or maybe Dragster, whatever :p). As you see, there is a small gap between wheel magnit and support on body.

Pilot doesnt have to "look" in windshield. Monitors inside + cameras and sensors outside is real enough even today, dont you think?

And finally - this is a speedrace bolid for circle races, NOT FAMYLY CAR for weekend strolls outside the town. Thus it doesnt have to do sharp turns (only smooth circled) and it doesnt need to have 40cm road clearance )))

I hope it is clear now