Naruto: Mezame - Looking for creative CG Artists


Hi everyone,

           I’m Bushidou. Also known as dragonheart from the dominancewar II
         After a few years of game developing and projects I decided to  start a project based on the popular Naruto show, to bring this cheerfully guy to life. 
         But what is the point if you don’t have a strong team of creativity yet?
         Now let’s leave this chit chat for later and describe a bit the project:

         [b]About NTA:

[/b] Naruto - Mezame is an action orientated single player RPG based on the anime/manga series “Naruto”. Currently the project is in development for the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine from Epic Games, until the upcoming next generation game “Unreal Tournament 3” will be released.

       The game features the player as Naruto, a orphaned kid who has no family or friends. His deepest desire is to be acknowledged by everyone, by becoming the Hokage, the number one shinobi in the village.
       The project will have a distinct style, and although it will be based around the naruto anime it will have a unique feel to it. All the environments and characters will be designed and textured in a photorealistic/semirealistic way using normal mapping and other new generation technologies for better quality.
       There will be new locations, new shinobi and new creatures that you’ll encounter in your missions thanks to our concept artists.
       To visit the NTA website, click here:
      Here are a few WIP samples I did, witch later will be changed to a more photorealism style:


         Small test of breaking the marble arena:

       [b]Team Recruitment:[/b]
         We are currently looking for talented and experienced game designers, 
       3D Artists, 2D Artists, level designers, Unreal Script programmers, music composers, SoundFX creators and story writers.
       If you think you are creative in what you are doing, imagining that your neighbor is a crazy mage that want to take your soul drinking from a bottle of bear without no bottom, and looking at his apartment you are thinking of how would you infiltrate it at night as a ninja to raid him, and you can spend hours imagining those kind of things, then we want you
       My MSN ID: [email=""][/email] 
         Or just post here your thoughts 

           Kindest and warm regards,
         - Bushidou


Hey man after view some of the still images and seening the progress of ur project I would first like to say Im very impressed with some of the work so far. Although, I would have liked to see some of the other character from the show as well as the maybe shots from the leaf village. Other then that I can I see where you are going with this. I would like to be apart of this project and lend my talents to help u. I have listed my website below for you to take a look at. My website is stil underconstruction but I hope it will help.

Thank you for consideration
Ryan H.


I also am pretty impressed with what you have so far. It looks really good. However, aren’t you breaking some copyrights considering that there are already other naruto games that have been made and are in production. Did you get permission?


Thanks for the motivation guys,

anim8tedtoon: I really like what I see. It seams you have a good knowledge in the 2d/3d animation field. You are free to join in that area if you want.
Please contact me via MSN to talk further:

more of the work will be presented in the future

aesir: we asked the permission

Warm Regards,

  • Bushidou


hi there i just view the wip’s i am really impressed i am searching fo a collaborativ team projet to learn more about 3dmodeling and team works , also i am a big fan of naruto’s series it will be a real pleasure … basicli i model inorganic objects here are some of my works

^^ hope you will like my works i am waiting for your replie cheers


hi Silvius,

Is hard for me to say this but the work you showed is a bit far away from what we need the most.
Right now we are in need of character designers and environment artists to fill the 3d graphic art category mentioned above.
If you think or are interested to create a small environment place like the Ramen shop from the Naruto show in a photorealism way and with a good logic to see better your skills and team ideas then please contact me for more details and references

knowledge of UnrealED will be even more welcomed

Kindest Regards,

  • Bushidou


sure i will give it a try i just started assembling some reference pics if you have some so i cane get a better idea so i can model it ^^ i will post you my wips by mail if you want ??


you have PM,
I wish you good luck


I was interested in the project but realistically looking at your homepage in your profile raised a few questions in my mind and I have contacted VIZ Media to get a response from them first whether you have licensing rights to Naruto. Untill then I will wait and see what happens.


I am sure there is no problem making a game based off the characters, as long as he does not try and make money off of it.


Actually it violates copyright and not to mention trademark among a few other things that are mentioned on the main site. In the end Naruto games already exist out there and by doing this…free or not, they are making a name for themselves using someone else’s idea, characters etc. I really don’t believe they (VIZ Media) will be that kind unless he bought an international or a domestic license to gain that right.

But hey, in the end I am all for it if he has gained that license. ^__^;;:thumbsup:


new models coming soon


sorry to revive this epic topic, didn’t wanted to create another one that sounds the same

up, looking at the characters after all this time, ...

the project is now back so you can check it out from time to time if you want:

I won't request any assistance but if you want to put your skills to test then feel free to contact me via email: [email][/email] or via P.M

Currently working at this girl for the projects:


more pictures here
please stay 2nd


1st news updated:

Haruno Sakura, Orochimaru, Hatake Kakashi, Chuunin arena work in progress!


it’s sick how quiet it gets in here :argh:

Great work man, keep it up…I’m always watching your progress!


BTW, I meant it’s sick how quiet it gets when people like yourself post great work and no one says a peep in these collab threads.

Wasn’t meaning you’re thread is too quiet. :slight_smile:


thanks softdistortion, no worry, the team are doing there best
A new update will posted shortly… please stay tuned, weekend coming :slight_smile:


The news can also be viewed here from now on:

Hello and welcome to our second news update on this month.
This time we bring you a new character and a few more work in progress pictures.

We know there is not much but we hope you will enjoy our ‘teamwork’ work and stay tuned for more other new updates.

We also we’ll like to introduce you a few more people that we’ll increase our progress and teamwork but since they have a small test in front let’s not disturb them and wait patiently there creativity.
There are still a few more free spots here so feel free to visit us.

Best Regards from,


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