Napoleon Dynamite


Don’t know if any of you have gotten to check this movie out but it is hilarious. I think we all knew someone like Napoleon (unless you are like him). I give it a thumbs up. :thumbsup:


oh man, this movie was so funny, i laugh my ass off just thinking about certain scenes.



Kid: What are you going to do today Napoleon?

Napoleon: Whatever I feel like! Gawwd!

Yeah that movie was great. For a minute there I thought I was the only one had seen it here at CGtalk.


One of my friends in High School IS Napoleon Dynamite. They very well could have just filmed him for a few days and gotten this movie. LOL. His family isn’t that screwy and he didn’t get beat up but he did act and look exactly like him. That’s the appeal of this movie I guess. I didn’t realize how many people knew someone like this. I’ve seen it twice and I plan on seeing it again. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long, long time.

Come down and thry to hit me Napoleon… just thee what happenth if you thry to hit me.


This was a funny movie but something about it just bored me at times. Parts made me laugh then there was a huge dry spell because it seemed like the same joke over and over. ‘Geez’ ‘God…’ ‘Dang…’


Not trying to argue w/ anyone… but I saw the preview and it didn’t really make me wanna see it. It sorta annoyed me to be honest. :shrug:

Is it a certain type of humor that you have to just like or else your not gonna enjoy it? I wanted to see it when I first heard about it… but when I saw the previews I had doubts.


I haven’t seen the movie because the trailer/preview was horrible. The worst I’ve seen in my life. It tells you nothing about the movie. Unless this thread praises the movie in every response I doubt I’ll see the movie before it comes out on Pay Per View.


Don’t watch the preview. For anyone who hasn’t seen the preview… if it comes on, turn if off. I haven’t seen it myself but I’ve heard it’s bad and ruins the ending as well.

Go see the film. It’s amazing. I called my mom up and made her go see it and she thought it was pretty funny… but then over time as she thought about it, it just got funnier and funnier. That’s the way I think it will be for a lot of people. Personally, I laughed so hard I nearly died throughout the entire film so it didn’t need to keep growing on me… though the true genius did take awhile to set in.

Shield yourself from spoilers about the movie or it will just ruin a lot of the funny parts. Go see it at the local arthouse, it’s well worth a few bucks and two hours.


Actually, the preview is pretty much the movie…at least it felt like it to me.


well, you should read up about movies then, because sometimes trailors show what a movie is supposed to be and sometimes not. youll just miss out on good movies


I loved it
oh and btw ligers are mystical awesome creatures :wink:


actually ligers are real


I know . I was only checking out if I am the only geek here in this forum but I think I am not alone :wink:


That movie is great really, Its one of the most original Ive seen lately,


the movie is INCREDIBLE.

“Is Napoleon there?”


“Can I speak to him”

“You already are”


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