Naoshima - Cherry Blossom, Alex Roman (3D)


Really spectacular, I do not know what would have been with direct light, but perhaps that you have broken the composition so balanced. One question Román, do not you bother those pink and green spots that are generated working in the LWF?
Enhorabuena.Un saludo.


this is really good work



alex, is there a way i could get a higher resolution image of this? i would really like to print it and put it on the wall framed! i would be really sooo thankful for it!

by the way i cant understand how come images like these dont get five stars…


Very grateful folks!!:wink:

Thanks you so much to all of you for the comments. I’m out of town by holiday but i’ll make a his-res pic next year :stuck_out_tongue: Which one do you prefer??

@TheOutsider: Gracias tio! ;))) Cuando tenga un ratillo, intentaré la nocturna -a la vuelta de vacaciones, hehe-




thank you sooo much! i think i prefer the bluish one a bit more! im so looking forward to it! u really made my day! have a nice holiday!!!


These are so incredible. Ugh…I hate myself now. Is there anything you could share with us about how you made these? The lighting is beautiful, the texture work is perfect, the trees are amazing. What does the original raw render look like?


This is just beatiful! I love it man. That is something I would buy as a poster.


Beautiful piece… as usual :slight_smile:

This one is probably my favourite


Very evocative work


Wow plugged!



[left]well deserved front page!
Keep rocking.:thumbsup:


Amazing work - I’d LOVE to see it animated. :beer:


Really nice stuff.

I would add more blossom to the inside of the building as I’m sure some would
of fallen inside.




Very inspiring work, nicely done!


Another masterpiece form you!! Impressive mate.


Amazing work, love the lighting and materials!



the weathering on the 2 adjacent walls on the screen right seem to be almost similar but it doesnt take anything away from the awesomeness of the scene


In japanese they have the ghosts that show in the reflections.

Well, look in the water in the first image and you can see a woman and her daughter to right and her little son to left.

But then in the second picture you can see them in the left and it was simply the branches of the tree… just an illusion, not ghosts at all… well… who knows!

Estos japoneses y sus fantasmas… uno ya duda si lo has hecho adrede o no.
La imagen me da un cierto desasosiego, pero una pasada técnicamente. El refugio del bosque me ha hecho fan tuyo desde hace tiempo y es un placer ver tu arte.


FANTASTIC work! well deserved front page!
Best regards, Selwy


I saw it on the evermotion front page and wanted to register especially to see it Full size :smiley: .

All your stuff is mind blowingly sophisticated. Color grading, textures, Depth of Field, the ‘fine-touch’…there is no weak link in the chain, it is all brilliant. :bowdown:

I have learned a lot from you by just analyzing your images for hours and hours. I hope one day you will lift a small tip of the veil that is your creative process :slight_smile: .