Naoshima - Cherry Blossom, Alex Roman (3D)


Title: Naoshima - Cherry Blossom
Name: Alex Roman
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop, VRay

Hello there!

My last 2-day personal work. Playing around with pflow and cherry blossoming. It’s based on another Ando’s work and it comes in two flavours…

C&C are for sure welcome :wink:

Best regards,


wow i am the first one who comment on this work

really very good sense as always … u have your own touch
i wish to see more of your work for tadao ando …

why dont try to make a nighr shoot ??


I want to fly now!
how could you be so good inspired, capturing these beautiful moments?!!
What do you eat?!
I really want this image to be so big so i feel i am inside…

Thank you man!


u really r an artist! these kind of images can only be from you! can a morning start better than reciving an email saying: “thirdseven has posted new image” …?


Looks like I have a destination for my winter vacations!


Never I use desktop images, just black…But in this case, I´m gonna use it!..I love it.

You break my heart using Japanese stuff.

(+1 for a night view!)

[b]“can a morning start better than reciving an email saying: “thirdseven has posted new image” …?”

[/b]Like an histeric groupie…I know that sensation… Hahaha .


Don’t lie to him Maryam, You told me that he is crazy remember ? Muahahahahahaha
Need some motion blur for the Flying object man


yes The boss calls you and tell that “Borja The meeting was delayed to next week” lol :wink:
Mery X-Max to you and your lady my friend


you rocks again, i simply love your work and its been long time i waited for you great work. but since you are in my contact list i got mail that u posted ur new work.

i love the 2nd image with more blue and the seance of piece what i could felt after sow your work.

thanks for sharing you work with us.
here is my Stars ***** total five out of five



Hi Alex,

you got me a long time ago with your memorial museum and the forest refuge. As for my opinion, there are few if not no other artists who are able to catch the style and realism that you do with your images. BIG FAN!!!



This is simple amazin cool job as always you are a master:thumbsup:


another Great work from u :buttrock:


[color=yellow]You are a genius … awesome render and subject … I really love it [/color]


Cool Image and really great point of view:)
4 stars


Excellent! Very serene.:thumbsup:


Well once a again you have captured something amazing. I truly feel you are without a doubt the best arch vis artist I have ever seen but your images are so much more than that. You can capture all the beauty of the world in a CG image and that is a truly amazing accomplishment. I can only hope to be half the artist you are one day, again great work.


i love your works, as i love tadao ando, so it’s just natural for me that your pictures are always full of qualities, i see a lot of photographic skills into your renders.
hope to see from you again :slight_smile:


LOVE this pic!!! Love love love! *****


Wow! The pool looks amazing!


Really spectacular, I do not know what would have been with direct light, but perhaps that you have broken the composition so balanced. One question Román, do not you bother those pink and green spots that are generated working in the LWF?
Enhorabuena.Un saludo.