Naomi Body Test, (Woody) Dani Garcia (3D)


Title: Naomi Body Test
Name: (Woody) Dani Garcia
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, ZBrush

I’ve done this render to test the body/rigging of my new character.

Done in max, zbrush and hair farm.


I think you have everything right. The model seems to have weight and a fleshy feel, both are hard to do. I would love to see a close up of her face. great work.


nice coreShadow


nice job on the modeling.


Thanks for your comments!

mikeGreenway -> Here’s some close up renders of her face I did when I finished her hair.


Great work. I keep trying (for years) but my results aren’t a good as yours.


Nice curves, great shaders and sweet lighting, but the face bugs me a bit - somehow, seems too stylized for that body. Something does not match here.

Would you care to share the light and shader setup?


This is great man! The proportions and weight are really nice! Make sure that if you put any clothes or any thing on her that they press into the flesh a bit in the right places.

I really like your style dude


mikeGreenway -> Thanks. I also did some different tries in the past till I got a style I liked, so keep working on it, you’ll find a style you like at some point.

azazel -> Thanks. I’m planning to do an image with her including clothes and a more standard lighting, so maybe there the face and body will work better together.

I’ve attached a couple of images to show the light and shader setup. Regarding the lights, both the key and the rim lights had strong intensity and a yellowish color, and the fill light had a very low intensity with a pale blue color. I also had a skylight that matched the lighting on.

Regarding the shader, I used this shader for the skin, but instead of using the reflections on this shader, I did a separate reflection pass and used MR arch and design materials to create them.

LeeSalo -> Thanks, I will do it, hopefully won’t take me too long to start working on it.


You’ve really outdone yourself here! nice job


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