Nano Character


Awww man this is looking to so clean. Are you just poly modeling and then using a turbo smooth subdivision on the mesh? or are you just poly modeling and smoothing the normal? or are you just totaly doing something?

I am loving the hard surface details you got going man.



This just keeps getting better and better! It’s like Army of Two, Jason X, and Quake rolled into one!



Since he’s using Lightwave, he’s probably doing poly modeling and then simply pressing Tab to convert all it to subdivision surfaces.

Excellent work, ldgree. I’d love to see more.


This is starting to look pretty slick, great modelling the low poly/normal parts retain all the detail! Keep up the great work.


very good job. just keep on going… :thumbsup:
and dont worry of big pictures we all love big images showing more detail.


Mindtraveler - Thanks!! Like Swizzle said… i am converting in subdivision surfaces in LW to get this smooth

[b]misterboogie / MDR  - [/b]Thanks!!  i finish the model now..40 mil pols :) i hope u like it

[b]dreamsunlimited [/b]- eheh i like to see big renders and wires too... learn a lot with this.. thanks xD

The Final Model... 40.000 pols ( High version ), i am very happy with the result

Some wires :




Nice! The legs are so short and stubby though, and that kills it for me. To translate my feels as I scroll down this thread is “yes, awesome, kick ass…aww. :(”
Anyway, unless you’re going supercartoony like TF2, check the proportions on this guy.


GradiusCancer - Yes i noted thisbut i think this is the style of character :slight_smile:
but if need ask for the artist… if need to be changed i will ^^


U should be proud. Looks ace.
Only head bothering me a little. It looks to tiny if compare with rest of the body.
Otherwise, wicked stuff.


Por@szek - Yes i know :slight_smile: but i follow the concept ^^ and i like it… its different… i will see if need to be changed…


Great modeling. I like the proportions … it´s stylized, and this is not a problem … For me is the proportions of a big man inside a armor … a brut character always have a head smaller than body … more muscles, less brain …
If you see the humans mariners in starcraft, they follow the same idea … I´m just maybe increase the size of the legs a bit … the femur is looking small …

Now go to the textures … hehe


JBRAZ - Thanks man ^^ i am waiting the review of the character to see if i need to change something but i agree… the femur looks a little small… let’s wait for the feedback!

And textures will be another person :stuck_out_tongue: eheh but i will do a rigging and animations tests ^^


Hey all,

I did a quick test here… some little detais can be change… but the proportion is correct ^^


Well, they’re close to correct. The head is a bit skinnier than the one on the left. The crotch is also quite a bit lower on the one on the right (making the femur look too short). The knees are also just a little off. The guide line goes through the kneecap on the left, but looks as though it goes through the bottom of the knee on the right. This also makes the femur seem shorter.

That said, this looks really good! It’s definitely work to be proud of!


came out great dude

would you mind sharing your technique when creating all these hard edges? Does Sub-D’s make it easier to do this?



this is one great example of a highpolyproxy… verry nice job :thumbsup:


Very clean model, gj 5 stars for me


that looks great! It should come out really nice. How did you get such a clean normal map?


blacke[color=dimgray][color=white]r - thanks for the revie[color=white]w ^^, i’m fixing some little details , i will upload soon .

[/color][/color][/color]dpizzle - for the hard edges in lightwave has a lot of techniques… in this model i use Multishift, Knife ,Bandsaw, Smooth Shift ( But Multishift is more precise). I think it’s more difficult use Sub-d’s to do that ( if you want to try leave the mesh clean ), but it’s more fun!! and if you will use the model only in Lightwave ( without freeze the object) you can use the Subpatch Weight too.

steffenk/Oliver’Raz’/hazzadus - Thanks !! ^^, now i will work in animation tests and normal map too, i create the normal map using the Microwave plugin for LW.


[b]dpizzle - i forgot the image…