Nano Character


Hey all!!!

Long time i don’t post here… This is my last work, a test modelling for a game.
I hope u like…
Using Lightwave!!




very interesting i like this no crits other than i want to see it finished :slight_smile:


looks good, I’ll follow this one :thumbsup:


Hey that looks like its gonna be sweeet!!!

Cant wait to see the fin version.


psychojohno, Jeeso and KeepItEvil - Thanks!! soon more updates.

The original Concept art is from Mike Sekowski-



a wonderful model… i would like to see it finished now… what program are you using to made it?


keep up the good work LD

@Duranium: he’s using Lightwave as you can see in his first post :wink:


Cool stuff. Nice clean model. Good Concept.


Great looking model brah, cant wait to see more! :thumbsup:


Love the detail in the stomach region. Keep going!


Great model! Very clean and respectful of the concept. Like it :thumbsup:


Duraniom - like Nokill says Lightwave 9 ^^ , Thanks!

Horror, SniperSkull , MisterBoogie and Vagho - Thanks!!.. soon more updates. For now a quick normal map test, need to create better uv later.

Normal Map Test.


Amazing work ldgree, the normal test is a killer.


dude that normal map is great, it really worked out very nice.



The normal map test came out really clean. Just Curous … what are you using to bake your normal maps?



Nice modeling. You also picked a really cool design. The detail of the normal map is really, really good. How did you do that?
Did you combine the separeted parts of the chest before baking?
Which program did you use,if you don’t mind me questioning?

:buttrock: :thumbsup: :applause:


Nice work!

That looks like a World Space normal map though. I expect you want Tangent Space.


FreeWaldo and Dpizzle - Thanks!!.. but need some more work to stay perfect…

MindTraveler - I am using the MicroWave plugin for Lightwave ( ) . It’s first time i am using and i noted need some more Tweak because the side are not very good yet.

Tilomit - Eheh i love the design of character too :slight_smile: … the concept artist is very talented!!
No need to combine the parts… i create the base mesh and the plugin creates the normal map in the base mesh UV using High Res how reference. Maya do the same thing with Surface Sampler… but i don’t take good results yet

Anoon - Thanks , correct :slight_smile: . i need to do tests with Tangent Space


Small Update ^^


Another Small update… sorry for big pictures… i will send smaller next time…