N00b question


I have JUST acquired Lightwave 7.0 and have messed around in it having never operated a 3D program before. I’ve made some pretty stupid stuff in Modeler, but I like to think I’ve made progress. My trouble is that, now, my default controls are messed up.

In trying to follow along with online tutorials, I have found that my TAB-key is different than in the beginning. It no longer SubDivides like it did in the beginning, it now SubPatches, something totally unrelated to what I want it to do. I am not sure how I turned this feature on/off and so am unsure how to reverse it.

Also, when I draw an image in Modeler, it USED to be transport, only showing the points. Now, though, the points all have gray polygons when drawn. This may be part of the problem with my lack of SubDividing, or not. Either way, any help would be greatly appreciated!!


You know sometimes it is preferable to post a screengrab of the problems you encounter.

Concerning the subd. Note that LW7.5 does not subdivide polygons with more than 4 points.

Concerning the “image” I assume you mean the polygon you draw with the pen. It is perhaps because your polygons are “flipped”. Flip them back (shortcut f) may help you.


maybe you just switched the view from… i duno… like wireframe to textured?


I recommend this introduction to beginners in modeler. It very quickly will give you hold of some important concepts, without trying to fit it all into your head at once.

Getting a little bit stuck like you have, it aint that uncommon until you get above a certain level, and it still can easily happen, it aint wrong to ask questions here about what seems like basic stuff. But I recommend writing the problem or subject in the title rather than “noob question”, it is more efficient and sometimes when things don’t work it is really a bug.

I also recommend you just a fast read through at least the first part of the modelling manual if you didn’t, while you maybe won’t be able to learn it all at once, it will give you hold of some concepts that will make it a lot easier to sort stuff out. Also searching these forums about stuff you don’t “get”, it can be very efficient learning.

About the setup, if you go alt+F10 and alt+F9 -> presets dropdown button, you can select the default menu and button setups. This will lose any customization you made.

Two good buttons in Modelers when working with Subpatched objects is “w” and “i”, if you have bad polygons (more than five points) or points (more than five polygons), you can select them there. Also detail tab -> Align, it will fix polygons facing the wrong way.


If for some reason you think that your shortcut keys have changed, you can go to edit->edit keyboard shortcuts, and choose restore default, this will change all the keys back to the original layout when LW is first installed.


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