N-GON's Support PETITION!!


ok all.

ive heard you all say it. C4d NEEEEEEEEDS n-gons to really push its modelling capabilities further. this is a petition thread, and if a large response is given, we will begin to bombard MAXON with our never ending cry!

so here to start it off:



I’m OF course with you!!!


Hmm, personally I would like to see a faster Radiosity engine and bakable thinking particles but hey, N-gons are probable a good thing to focus on too,



NGON all the way! You got my John Hancock, just let me know where to send my official endorsement.


i’m here :smiley:


im here too… and i dont use cinema:wavey: :beer:


so what are these n-gons i keep hearing poeple talk about?

whatever it is, cos i’m easily swayed by others… i’m all for it, the sooner the better.


nGons would be great.


Me too!


<angry rant>

yes C4D needs ngons, anyone that says differently is an idiot, I want a choice at whether I keep an object as quads or not, and I want to decide when I turn it into quads and not have to worry about idiotic random triangles everywhere, until then, c4d’s modelling is second in the pile next to… well pretty much all the major packages, I know a few of major packages handle them differently, but c4d just doesn’t handle them at all. and If it’s just for stills, does it really matter that there are half a dozen polys with 16 or 20 sides??

</angry rant>

now I feel better :smiley:


don’t forget a thing: if you’re just using poly modeling without SDS why the **** you should care about n-sided polys in the mesh? ngons all the time!!


ngons ngons ngons


hell, even truespace can deal with ngons!!, let us unite BROTHERS, ONWARD TO BATTLE, tally ho

gallops off into a sunset on the back of an extruded hexagon


N-Gons now please


We should do something stupid like send packages and packages of an item to represent our Ngon support like those Roswell fans did with tobasco sauce. Now what would be a good item for Ngons? :smiley:


Hey, an upset mob hell bent on raising some trouble! Count me in, lads – I want, ney, I CRAVE n-gons! :buttrock:



>Knock knock
>Who’s there?
>Huh? Who is it?
>Oh! Come on in!!

>Wild screams as the landshark eats the unsuspecting apartment dweller…<

Give us our NGONS! :buttrock:


and so the first meeting of the… (drumroll please)



Ok… I like the NGON Liberation Army!

I too feel that NGONS would be a very nice thing!