Myungsu Hong - Modeling/Texturing Demo Reel


Hi Everyone,

My name is Myungsu Hong, and I’ll graduate from Vancouver Film School next week.
Here is my last Modeling/Texturing demo reel.
I used XSI , Z-brush for Modeling, photoshop, bodypaint3D, Z-brush for Texturing,
Maya for Lighting, Shading, Rendering, After Effects, Shake for Compositing.

Currently looking for work. Comments and Crits welcome

DOWNLOAD (Right Click and ‘Save As’)

Demo Reel 720*540 (41mbs) :

Demo Reel 640*480 (25.9mbs) :

Music from DJ Shadow, Building Steam With a Grain of Salt


finally its the end :open_mouth:

you did an awsome job with your last two models (especially in such a short time), Abe is my favourite model in your reel, you clearly showed abillities to composite, good luck on job searching, all the best!

p.s. thanks for all the zbrush help this year, yoda :slight_smile:



cool texturing, my only crit is that its missing something very important for a modeling reel, the wireframes
i specially like the texturing on the old man


Pretty good reel. My crits, besides what was mentioned, are:
I think Achilles head is a bit too small.
I feel there needs to be more definition in the forms and muscles of the models. The old man’s face particularly needs more definition. Behind his ears are not defined or seperated enough from the skull. Odd bump of flesh behind the old man’s neck that doesn’t look natural. His nose could use more definition as well.
Sapiers looks a bit plastic, but overall your textures are good. Wish you success. :buttrock:


Finally, I’ve registered on this site -.-;;

Overall, very cool Myungsu~ ^^* good luck for hunting jobs~


Great reel
your knowledge in 3D finally paid off. Thank you for your help.
And good luck on job hunting~.
I wish you all the best.


3d55stevn - Thanks man! U also did awesome work. I’m wating for seeing ur final reel.
It was great time to work with u.
May the force be with you – from yoda

fx81 - Thank you. U are right. I missed wireframes.
I spent too much time making compositing breakdown. he he

webhead - Thanks for the comments! U point out something I didn’t fix them. ^^
The old man was done in two weeks. and I modeled in 3 days.
anyway that model should’ve be fixed. thanks again.

myungjini - U did~~ U log in~ Just kidding.Thanks for the kind words. I wish you success.

Rjays - Thanks a lot. U have improved very quickly. Keep going~


U finally did.
I wish U success


Occasionally, Sever is unstable. So add a new link.

dongart77 - Thanks for the comments


awsome work~ the texture on the grandfather and the alien guy is soo nice =) I wish you the best and good luck on finding a job!

5 stars from me.


with all the stuff you figured out this year i wonder if your human or computer. great job man. i really like the look you were abel to achieve, especially with your last character.


Congratulations on an excellent reel, Myungsu!

The old guy is just amazing. He looks very real.


Thanks for the comments!

logistiks - Thanks. good luck on finding a job in Toronto.

Gkaine - Thanks for the kind words.

PinkBunny - Thanks~ ^^ best of luck to you in Houdini



As always, great modeling and texturing, beautiful lighting and rendering, sweet compositing… but we get back to the same thing: you can’t model properly from your reference. 1) Orlando Bloom as Legolas is all wrong. He’s too muscular, I’m not seeing pointy ears, and where are his bow and arrows? 2) I’m not even going to comment on your self-portrait. 3) Spiderman? I don’t think so. Not even with Venom did he ever look like that.

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Hope you got a good laugh out of that. Seriously, though, awesome work from a very hard-working and talented guy. 5 stars! Best of luck to you, man! :slight_smile:


i like it a lot. i think this class have very impresive reels and yours is not the exeption. good luck with the hunting job and 5 stars from me.


Nice reel! This is just my uninformed two cents but we never see any wireframes on the characters so it’s not clear whether those are characters modelled in a way suitable for animation.


Thanks for the comments!

tony_bennett : Ha Ha Ha Ha ~~~ Hey~ dude. Don’t make me laugh. PLZ~
Thanks for ur joke.^^ And Thanks for the kind words.

lordsol : Thanks for the comments.

dantea : Thanks a lot~. I add wireframes.


i really like your composition and wireframe…

work harder in the future

cheer up


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