Myth of the 'Floating Islands', Khalid A. Al-Muharraqi (3D)


Title: Myth of the ‘Floating Islands’
Name: Khalid A. Al-Muharraqi
Country: Bahrain
Software: Lightwave 3D, Modo, ZBrush

Hi there,
Again a little time to practice and have some fun…
I would like to share with all of you a concept from the old books with old magical stories that always amazes me (the Whale and the island on it’s back) it is simply interesting to question things like… are the trees trees or are they a form of growth that helps it camouflage!! The whale is old, it lives for hundreds of years these creatures have always been mistaken to be land, this voyager ship makes a discovery…
I have created the models textures and environment in about 8 to 10 days, I hope to here your comments, please feel free to tell me what you think…
Really hope that you enjoy the work


Mindblowing! This will go frontpage in 3…2…1… (and push away mine… but I don’t care hehe :slight_smile:

Really awesome, I’ll spend another 5 minutes looking at this now.



oh my god :scream:
really interesting idea and great source of inspirations ! nothing to crits to me, i like this one, it’s enough for me. i’m impressed by your vegets and texture of the emergent part of the whale.
4* with pleasure and…frontpage for the honor to !


Absolutely beautiful.


W.o_0.w. OMG
Very nice details.Really Great job.

Hamed katebi


Congrats !!!
really very nice idea and good realizing…
can you show us some wire and details ?
good luck


i just cant say any thing else good work and i am so much proud that u r arabian and from bahrin


[left]I was seeing some trees and the 5* and thinking: " If you have some wales that makes sence…"

5* beautiful


Great work ! i like it too much. Nice modeling , texture and idea (:


I LOVED IT!!!:bounce::bounce::bounce:


very creative!!


WOW!! truly amazing.
a great source of inspiration.


Excellent concept and execution. One of the best pics I have seen in a long time. This deserves the front page.


hello khalid,
when I saw this still, I directly recognize the story, whitch is
when two men stopped at an island to have some rest during their journey,
and after they made some fire to grill fishes,the sleeping big whale felt the fire and got angry
and start to dive and swim in the ocean,
very nice story and very good still keep it up, :thumbsup:
5 start from me


beautiful work mano.


This looks great, but could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload a larger pic or a close up of some details?


amazing work!:scream:


Great work and a stunning concept!


Nice! Very very impressive! Great work :love:


This is an excellent idea and perfect excecution. :thumbsup: