Myth-adventures of the Muses needs help


Hey everyone, we’re in need of help on a short film. Its roughly 1 - 2 minutes in length and we’re getting close! All concepts of the characters and set are complete. I would say the 3d side is 75% done. Storyboards are progressing. This short film will make its debut at the San Diego Comicon this July.

Here’s a link on what the film is based off of:

Here’s the part where we need help. lol We’re in need of a rigger. The models are being done in Maya. We’ve got some great talent working on this. So if you can rig please give us a shout. We need to have everything turned into the animator by early May.

Forgot to add, there’s only three (3) characters in this short film.

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Hey all, as Tom said, we’re looking for some help on this, but we’re moving along nicely already. Here’re a few pics of the characters just to show we really are making advancements on it :wink:


Come on guys, jump on the project if you know how to rig in Maya…don’t be shy.

Here’s another update to give you some idea of what you’re going to be rigging:


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These look good for the animation. Now how about those rigger! :slight_smile:



Hey all, I feel like I’m yelling into a canyon here, but true to form we’re posting some updates to whet your appetites and hopefully get someone signed on to rig these incredible characters that ereitz has come up with so they can move through this environment that cyaion has created.


This seems like it would be a fun little project. I could probably do the rigging for you but having all 3 done by the beginning of May is kind of tight (I can only work on the weekends). If your interested you can email or PM me and maybe we could work something out. Just follow the bottom link to see me stuff.


imanobody - Thanks we could use all the help we can get. I pm’d/emailed you. Yeah, it is a tight deadline, but there is some interested parties/plans involved with this.

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I talked to Scott yesterday and he said that he would talk to you. It seems that the only problem is the deadline. Since I work 70 hours mon-fri and can only work on the weekends, it’s going to take me a bit longer then it would normally. I’ll let you two grill over it, but if you do want me to do it I should start working on it this weekend.


Ey Imanobody,

Great to have you onboard, mate…



imanobody - we’re working on a possible solution. we’re waiting on Scott for the “go” or “no go” on the idea. I’ve asked our modeller to contact you. If all goes well, just Don-K (the above pics) and some minor props will need to be rigged.

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I hope that your not changing your story just because of me. I’m a little curious how your going to tell a story about muses with no muses. Is there a reason that I can’t have a couple more weeks to finish the other characters? I’m not sure what conditions you all are working under so maybe you have your reasons, just asking :). Once you figure out what your going to do let me know asap so I can get back in touch with you and Scott and see what controls he wants (or needs); it will save me a tone of time if I’m not making controls that will never be used.


The muses are still going to be in the short. The modeller is going to rig the muses which will leave donkey boy and some props left that’s all. He’s talking program stuff which I know nothing about. lol If you could, contact the modeller and get the low down.

The reason for the deadline is this is going to be shown at the San Diego Comiccon for Bluewater productions. Also, we have an interested investor who I’m thinking is going to be there. (I’m sure he’ll see it before that though)

If we don’t meet the deadline, this will still be seen and plans are still in the works.

This, from my understanding might even be pitched to Warner Bros. as well.

There’s also a follow up 9 book series coming out. Publisher has already given the thumbs up.

Once we’re about 1/2 done with the animation. The promotional stage will start.

This is all tenative of course. lol

I was authorized to spill the beans a bit so to speak. lol

Hope that helps.



The modeler gets to rig the girls and I’m stuck with a donkey! That’s totally unfair! :scream:

Just kidding. But I think Scott may have some issues with using 2 totally different rigs; it could get kind’ve confusing and frustrating for him, I would think.


lol, I had to draw that donkey’s butt several times. lol How do you think I feel. lol

Scott’s got all of his ducks in a row and he’s very specific. If y’all three touch base together he’ll make it work. He’s got crazy skillz.

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imanobody - Did you get a chance to touch base with Ethan? (modeller) Just curious. We’ve got btwn 3-6 weeks left. Just wondering what’s happening on y’alls end?

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No, I thought that you were still waiting on Scott to give his ok on the idea. I just need to know were to upload the model and I can start working on it this weekend. I’m not really sure what you wanted me to talk to the modeler about because I already know what to do with the character. There may be somethings that I will change with the model (for rigging purposes) and I would make sure to get in touch and let him know what I’m changing and why. Later on I may get in touch Scott and see what other controls I may need to add. But, for right now, I pretty much know what I need to do, I just need the model to do it. If there is some special thing that they what done to the rig, then they would have to get in touch with me and tell me; I’m going to make my standard rig for these characters.

If you want me to rig any props, I 'll need to know how the prop will be used and any special controls that you may want me to add.

PM or email me a link to the model (don’t email the model because I’m on dial-up and it would probably get lost) and I can get started. :thumbsup:


Just emailed you. Don-k should be ready by the end of the week.



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looks cool so far - I was wondering though, do you need music for this animation? let me know, I’d be happy to help.



Alright, things are moving along pretty well. However, lol,…Here’s another cry for help. We need someone who can do Lighting/Rendering in Maya. Give me a holla if interested in helping out.

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Oh and someone who can do special effects. So once again, if interested in helping out with special effects, lighting/rendering (maya). Give us a shout.

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