Mystery of underwater treasures


It’ll be an a bit unsual W.I.P.
Briefly, the idea is, to make an underwater scene with a sunken ship and some research submarines. It takes place in the near future by the way.
And I don’t want to present it like a usual W.I.P. with greymats an wires, Instead I’d like to do It more like a report/story about this underwater expedition way.Involving a sequence of images like: documents and photographs of the ship, preparations for the adventure the underawter search itself. I hope the idea ends up being realised.

So, we got our hands on the archive documents on the ship,that sunk in southern seas.Its’ holds are brim-full with treasures looted during the World War II

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And many thanks d1ver for the help with English language.


i guess it’s like “no words nescessery” anyway
typing from under the table while looking for my jaw


great choice of WIP-style :slight_smile:

зы…жги АрсенИкс :wink:


I look forward to seeing this thread in the top for a while.


geez,why won’t anyone coment?I realy don’t get it :shrug:
I think the idea is fine too…c’mon you pepole keep this thread up :buttrock: ,or I’ll be too sorry that many pepople have missed a chance to check out such an interesting peice.


Next update

To search the underawter depth, we’ll need some special machinery. Fast and mobile, wired with he-tech, and full of unreplacable droids, which are capable of scouting dangerous areas,doing some prospecting or clearing the way.

Submarine is equipped with 12 remote controllable robots, made for different purposes: transport, scouting, and quipped with a cutting tools to rid us from obstructions and coral incrustations.

And again many thanks d1ver for the help with English language. :wink:


your works good as always…
i guess it will not a wip…but a “progress galery” :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep it UUUUUUUP :wip:
I’m really looking forward to the final image=)


This is a really cool idea! I quite like the submarine, but I think the legs of the droid need to have more detail, at least have thick/thin cables running down, if they are hydraulics based.

Example: - excavators (simpler in purpose compared to your droids, yet have more function supported detail)


good start man, pretty serious attitude to the w.i.p :thumbsup:
so, good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for comments!

VitaminD, “progress galery” nice idea! :smiley:
d1ver, Hopefully over time this wip will be more interesting.
Fess1001, Thank you for examples, try to apply them in a model.
Leshiy3d, try :slight_smile:


Another HAVE to follow bookmarked thread…

Excellent job, lovin it


I love your concepts and your presentation of renders is very professional.


Wow, that is great stuff. The lighting is a little bright, but otherwise awesome.



New update. U[color=Yellow]S-01 [/color]In hold of the command ship.

click for zoom


small upd.


Cool…!:thumbsup: Very technique and detailed work! I just amazingly like the idea and atmosphere to get a job! Super comrade!:buttrock:


hail to you buddy…that’s a nice and brand new way to perform a eye catching WIP…good detail…it’s a lil bit inspire me to built mechanical world …cause i’m still learning mechanical modeling too…but anyway…keep it up and build more huge level of details…i’ll support you…nice and salute


Your WIP layouts are awesome. Nice way to present them.

Modeling is amazing and the renders are looking great too. I’m loving the render of the urs01 underwater, it looks awesome. What renderer are you using?


Nice! I dig it :slight_smile: