Mysterium (abstract) - suggestions requested


hello. I created this picture a few days ago. I like the concept, and it looks like an o.k. finished image, but i would really like to turn this into a piece of art, hopefully the best one i have created :slight_smile:
I would love your comments and suggestions.

EDIT Updated version - see my bottom post EDIT

p.s.: an underwater version is here:
i’m pretty sure i like the original better, but it’s debatable :slight_smile:

thanks for your suggestions!


I like the grey “cloudy” one as well. the underwater version loses realism with the little bubbles. its a very nice picture nevertheless.

(Back to the ‘grey’ one)…if i were to be working on a similar idea i would push the “feel” of the stone, accentuate the cracks - the “hard-skin” of the pillar - there are so many, they seem to be big and demanding. perhaps the deserve a defining texture? - athougth2manymaybe?- jh.


i’m no artist, but i’ll try to give some suggestions:

i do think the original version looks better because it is brighter and more eyecatching. However, i find those distant croppings toward the bottom right and mid left ot he image to be distracting. The image seems to need something else in those areas. Also, the lack of color seems to leave image lacking drama. Something very sublte would help a lot, perhaps give the sky light two slightly contrasting colors coming from different directions? Or maybe give the fog in the top portions of the image some color. Whatever you do, keep it subtle.

the composition alone is very good. I enjoy looking at this piece :slight_smile:


thanks for the comments guys. they’re so much nicer than bashes =P
pha3z, what exactly did you mean when you said “perhaps give the sky light two slightly contrasting colors coming from different directions”? i’m just a little confused on that.
I’m wondering if mabey the columns need to be darker, or mabey the clouds darker and more dense. I’ll render around and see what works. Also, I was thinking of taking the symbols from the pillar in the underwater pic and putting them as carvings into the top column in the “grey” pic.

Thanks for the comments, and keep 'em comin! :wink:


Also the lightning is good. The textures also!

But what´s about a egg form an eagel hehe?



well i don’t know what you’re lighting your scene with but it looks like you’re using a skylight (or skydome… whatever you want to call it for your setup).

I’m just saying that if you go outside and look at the sky on a dramatic day or at a dramatic time (say sunrise/sunset), you’ll notice the entire sky is casting colored light down on anything you look at. But the color coming from one side of the sky is usually different or even contrasting to the color coming from the other side. for example, at sunset, you’ve usually got a brilliant gold from one side mixed with some pastels that fades upward toward blue and shows as a cool navy on the other side of the sky. So one side of the objects get cool light and the other side get warm light! produces very dramatic results. :slight_smile:

the best way to achieve this for your setup would probably be to turn the skylight way down and then add two or three point lights very far from your scene and make them the main sources of light. give them some color filters as you see fit :slight_smile:


thanks pha3z, i’ll try that :smiley:
however, i don’t really want a sunset look; it should feel more “desolate”
I’m not sure how I would light it for that look, but I’ll tweak your suggestion and see what I get. thanks for the comments!


alright guys, ive taken some of your suggestions into consideration and present this update:


  1. increased the bumpmapping for the rock texture and the cracks
  2. made the fog a little more dense to hide the “distant outcroppings”
  3. added some negative lights on one side to vary the lighting more
  4. gave the sky light a gradient map for the energy, also to vary lighting more

comments and suggestions welcomed!


It should be noted that this image is currently the splash for Blender 2.34. Excellent work Blenergetic! Perhaps you could create a version where these columns are made of a material like gold, or perhaps something transparent so the structures look more traditionally crystalline. Just ideas :slight_smile:


thanks desoto :slight_smile: yes, this image WAS created with blender hide =P
oh, and here is a blue version, which is on the splash and many people seem to like better :slight_smile:

keep the comments comin :smiley:


Very good! I love the ismplicity of it!btw, awesome job on the splash :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the composition alot. However, there are a few changes I would make.

I agree with pha3z. You need to add more lights with different colors. Even though you changed the color of your scene to a blue tint, it’s still “lacking drama”. I think you should take his advice… make one of your fill lights a faint orange or something.

Also, I think you made the clouds a little too thick in your more recent versions. I liked it more when the distant columns were more visible… It gave your render more depth and a greater sense of scale. Adding more detail to your texture would also make the scene seem as large as (I think) you intended it.


well, i tried rendering with a sunset/sunrise look (orange and bluish lighting) and it didn’t look very good. Its just that that lighting scheme ruins the whole mysteriuous look that this picture is supposed to have. It just looked strange. However, I’ll do another render with a more detailed texture and less dense fog and post it when i’m done. Hopefully it will be my final version :slight_smile:

thanks all for the comments and crits.


blen, still having problems with getting dramatic lighting? hmm. well maybe instead of trying a cool color that contrasts with a warm color, you need to try a cool color that contrasts with a slightly less cool coler. i.e. use a shade of purple and blue. taht way the whole scene still has a cool tone but there is a bit of movement in the color. :wink:

here's an idea to test:

keep the skylight simple and then add some point lights that shine on particular areas of the scene. For instance, you could make the rocks in the distance lit by a different color light than the ones up close. Even getting the fog itself to be a different color from the rest of the scene might be real good… or getting it to have a two-tone look.

honestly, you may find that its just really hard to turn this piece into a work of art. You originally designed it to function as a splash screen and you nailed it on the head. Its a beautiful splash/bg piece! But turning it into something else may be really difficult. shrugs Just pointing out that you shouldn’t work against yourself :wink: But anything is possible if you get the right help and keep at it.

p.s. Texamosics is right about the clouds. They are too thick now. They looked better in the original.


oh one more thing. Maybe the connotations of the word “color” are confusing. When we think of color, we usually think of all the primaries and secondaries and then black, white, and grey. I want to point out that when i say “use a different color”, i don’t necessarily mean to use yellow instead of blue. It could be that you just need a different shade of blue… or maybe go so far as purplish or greenish.

i’ll try to be more careful in my word choice from now on!


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