Mysterious Splines in 3D Space Which Don't Actually Exist


In some complex scenes where there are many models imported from Autocad, SketxhUp etc. I experience a weird issue. (It is more likely related to AutoCad, not Sketchup)

All objects are hidden in the below image. The spline-like visual artifacts in all viewports actually don’t exist as an object (or shape) and definitely not a graphics card glitch. They can be zoomed into, orbited, as they are really 3d objects present in 3d space. They’re not on some other layer, as you can see on the Layer Toolbar. They can’t be selected and also don’t respond to the zoom extents command. It responds to the Viewport Clipping adjustment as you can see in the Orthographic viewport upper left. One of the ghost shapes, marked with the red arrow is shorter than the same shape on the other viewports. It is due to clipping. They re ghost objects represented in 3D space.
It noticably happens when I start my scenes over an AutoCad drawing. It will probably get lost if I merge the scene into an empty Max scene. They don’t seem to cause any harm, but believe they might be the cause of several crashes, too.
I’ve tried exploding all groups just in case. They’re still there. Any ways to Purge these within 3ds Max?


Sounds like blocks/hatches in autocad.

I have been using Pixamoon Copy/Paste DWG script for years and its the cleanest quickest way to get data from CAD into 3dsmax - it has a bunch of extra tools for layer names, grouping, flattening splines, etc.


You are linking acad files?