Mysterious Pipeline Issues; Invisible Models


I’m a relative beginner using 3ds max to create models for a student project. We are running into some seriously pipeline issues though, and don’t even know where to begin when it comes to solving the problem.

Everything looks fine when I look at my models in 3ds max, they render properly, and from my perspective everything is all well and good. Yet when I export the files as .objs and the coders on my team try to view them in our engine, they are completely invisible. When we shine light on them though, the objects cast shadows, and when viewed in debug mode the edges and verts are visible. Yet the object itself remains invisible.

We’ve done a bit of experimentation and we’ve found a few clues, but no solutions.

When I create basic shapes and export them without any modifiers they run just fine, but it seems that even converting the model into an editable poly or mesh causes the object to be invisible. They are also invisible with or without a material, and continue to be invisible with or without UVs.

We’ve also tested a bunch of models that were created and exported in Blender and they all seem to work fine, so I don’t think it’s an issue with our engine or model loader. I feel like I have some sort of messed up settings that are causing invisibility whenever I try to edit my objects.

Any thoughts? This is incredibly frustrating, I’m worried I’m gonna have to start from scratch and recreate everything in Blender.


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