Mynta's Journey


This is my introduction message from - I thought I’d be lazy and use the same intro for both sites. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t worry - I know I thank them for their community, but I’m glad to have this place, too. :slight_smile: There’s such an incredible wealth of information here - I know I’m going to learn so much.

Looking forward to much correspondence (though not too much - I need to practice!),

Hello, everyone! My name is Mynta, and I’m going to be posting a LOT of stuff here over the next year or more.

Where I’m coming from:

I took a year and a half of a Pre-Animation and Illustration course out of high school with the desire to someday do the art for games. I attempted to get into the Animation course but didn’t because I procrastinated and never finished most of my layouts. My teacher felt that I had the skill to get in. I took Pre-Animation again. I burned out/thought I wanted to do something else halfway through that year, so I quit. My plan do to something else didn’t pan out, and while looking for what to do I found a 3 yr Game Development course, which I thought might be better and more likely to get me in as an artist - since I was thinking it would teach me how to do the art for games. It took me a year and a half, but I finally clued in that I wasn’t learning what I needed. That half year? That was this Christmas.

Where I am now:

I quit my course - again - and am trying to figure out what I want to do and what I need to do to get there. Thankfully, I understand much better now what to do.

Where I want to be:

I am not certain of exactly what I want to do. I believe at my core, I simply want to be the one who gets to imagine the worlds and make them up. This translates, I believe, into concept artist/ illustrator best. I’d enjoy doing book covers, besides just the game art. I don’t really want to do it, but I understand I may have to do texturing/ modelling in order to get a job before I get to the point where I can do digital painting full-time. I might even do matte painting some day… I don’t know. I want to get paid to imagine things.

I definitely want to work digitally. I like the cleanness, that my stuff is more organized (it gets hectic enough around me with all my reference books ), I like the control over what ends up on the canvas, all that.

I have a bit of time constraint to become good enough for a job. I know I have a natural affinity for this, but I lack faith in myself, and I am a perfectionist who often feels the need to over-prepare. So that will undoubtedly be part of my journey - letting go and letting myself paint, letting accidents happen, letting myself experiment without worrying overmuch about the details.

Where I am going:

I met my fiancé a year ago, over Facebook actually (that was a journey in itself ), and we became officially engaged January 2nd (to everyone else - we’d decided a long time before ). His name’s Matthew, and he’s studying 3D Animation in the Chicago. I’m living in Ottawa.

My plan of the moment is to, for the next year, work part time (for the experience and to save up money for being married) and spend the rest of my time at home (I get to live with my family) practicing my art full-time.

I’ve set up a daily schedule for myself, and I plan to take the below CG Society workshop once it comes out. Over this next year I become good enough to get into the below posted one year Professional Illustration post-grad course (I talked to the coordinator and believe I could MAYBE do it now, but by the skin of my teeth -next year I think I would be well prepared), graduate from that, get married in late August most likely, and then at the age of 23, be prepared to go out with Matthew to conquer the world and have fun making a living as full-time artists!

I have pretty much everything I would need. This Christmas I got a small Intuos4 and I have Photoshop, Painter X, Maya 2009 and Zbrush 3.5. Now I just need to practice.

I’ll scan and post my starting examples tomorrow, along with my little bit of experimentation that I’ve done. Scribbles, but they were fun.

I’m so grateful to have this community - there’s so incredibly much information here! Between this and CG Society I’m sure I’ll get far.

P.S. Does anyone know of very good tutorials on painting digitally? Although I am good at life drawing, I have effectively zero painting experience, so I need to learn the Photoshop and Painter tools as well as just plain how to paint. I want to someday be able to paint like the people in d’Artiste, Exposé, or Exotique.


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