my works for some layouts of web site!


Here are some of my works in Photoshop for a few web sites? What do you think?






Hi! I am new to thid forum.

Your designs are awesome! I like very much! Especially the second one is very nice.



ok, 10x a lot!


word of advice and its easy to spot in ur second design up ur resolution. thier mediocre try experimenting more and braking the mold everyones seen this “kind” of design before im sorry to say try using a solid theme of ur own then u might get some scope on ur projects


I like the first one. It would fit into a black, grey, and white theme.


yo man, i’d just like to say, your designs are inspiring for me to attempt new things for myself.

you’ve got some great things going on, and what you did with these images is quite interesting.

it means i’ll have a broader outlook in what i could do for my next designs.

great work :slight_smile:


kex: thanks for your words. i’ll remember them for my next works
mage111: thanks u too! I hope that u’ll be brighter than myself!


the designs themselves are quite nice, but you should work on making the text easier to read. chose a text color that stands in contrast to the background (dark text on bright ground and the other way around)…other than that - good work.


nice splash page. =)

Are u going to make those standalone splash pages or integrated into the design? Personally speaking, I think splash pages are a waste of load time if they are not incorporated directly into the content window… heheheh. =) Spare the clicking energy.


Good job on those but I agree with what someone else said in that this type of stuff has been seen before.

But don’t get me wrong, you did an excellent job.


i prob went a bit agressive and im sorry but really rather than making 3 designs that ppl have seen use ur talent and make one that no, ones ever seen like:thumbsup:


nice work!! i like the second one!! :applause:


This is just a prime example of a designer creating something for the web that doesnt translate to HTML without massive background image downloads. A good web designer uses HTML to their advantage.


i don’t like any of them sorry :frowning: keep trying you will get better


We need more color themes so yes I enjoy the second one the most.


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