My website just got a facelift



I know, you’re probably thinking, “It’s about time!” :rolleyes:

Anyway, I’m not really a web designer, so that task kept getting put off, but now it’s finally done. It’s not the greatest design in the world, but then again, anything’s better than the old design. :smiley:
Have a look:

Cactus Dan


Nice change! :slight_smile: Looks good!



Looks good, Cactus Dan.

Does this mean you’re gearing up for some new releases … or updates, perhaps? :smiley:


Nice’n clean!


Big improvement:thumbsup:



Thanks. :wink:

Well… :rolleyes:

Cactus Dan


Site looks good, nice clean layout, easy to navigate. All you need really…:thumbsup:



This is a great update to your webpage. It looks much better!


Nice web update Dan. Good job.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


I was just about to organise a posse to claim that reward Dan, but now its only ‘alive’ you’ve taken the fun out of it!


Nice update dan, simple and clean.
see you added a little bit more of you favorite blue, huh?:smiley:


Congratulation Dan, nice new page design.:thumbsup:


Loving the yellow and white text on the gray background, looks very nice…I think those colours work well. It’s clean and informative, it loads fast and is a improvement on the last site. I think that really when it gets down to it, you cant go wrong with clean and informative and fast loading…there’s a lot to be said for it.


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