My Very Own Toon Doppelgänger, Francisco Morales (3D)


Title: My Very Own Toon Doppelgänger
Name: Francisco Morales
Country: Venezuela
Software: Maya, Photoshop

This is quite a different style for me to work, inspired somewhat by AndyH’s Bunny Girl, I was trying to create a minimalistic cartoon version of myself, but at some point started to add more detail and decided to go for a smoother look. Shading is done with different color versions of the same Toon shader, no Textures involved.
Comments and Critics welcomed and appreciated.


nice work, I think the eyes could use a texture map, it will bring more life to this render :wink:


Hey Far, thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions.


That cartoon character looks nice, the proportions are well fitted for a character of that type. And I will second what Far said, it would add to the personnality of your character if his eyes had a texture, maybe also putting the eyes more in the skull, so he could have eyelids could have even more personality. Anyway good work! (and btw thanks for the comment on my work!).


I like it and i agree with the suggestions mentioned above.

Keep up the good work!


cool looking character, love the detail in the hands.



Thanks everyone, your comments show something I wasn’t expecting but should have, like I mentioned in the opening post I was going for a minimalistic look, that meant sinthetizing my face into its most simple features, hence, no mouth nor eyes per se but moustaches and Eyeglasses to suggest the presence of this features. Now I can see that after pumping up the detail elsewhere this characteristic becomes harder to read on a first glance. Nice lesson to be learned there I guess. Thanks again for all the comments!


Nice and unique style…Congrats! :wink:


I like it. I don’t think he needs eyes (though it would add more life) But I do believe you need give the eyeglasses some sort of texture. Until you wrote it was eyeglasses I didn’t really know what it was. Otherwise nice job.


@machadoJ: Thanks! Muito Obrigado

@Hordak: Thanks, I’ve wondered if an eyeglass rim of some sort would help, but decided against using one as it would clutter the face a little too much. Maybe adding just the middle part and a different texture to the glass as many have suggested will do the trick, thanks for your suggestions.


Good job. I think a bit of work on the glass material, plus maybe a flatter less sphere like look will do the trick. Like you say, adding the frame just over the nose can make it more readable.


Thanks a lot Luis, I haven’t gone back to this character yet but I may do so in the future just to get the “splinter” out, sort of speak. Thanks again for the feedback.


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