my updated 2008 animation reel


Hi there, i’ve been looking at stuff on here & commenting occasionally for quite a while but had never really submitted any of my own work to the forum & since I’d put a shortened version of my showreel up on youtube I thought I’d stuck a link to it on here! I’m a UK based CG animator who does some general 3D artist work too, have worked mostly on tv projects (mostly childrens shows) & am on the look out for any new opportunities. Any comments &/or crits greatly accepted! All of the work was done using 3DS Max.


The desert Bible-y stuff is hot, the knight-rider clip is hot; the reel sags a great deal in the middle though, with all those cel-shaded bits. The tiger and the elephant and bunny are especially bad… no strong poses or arcs or secondary! There were definitely some things on your longer reel which you should keep instead of those cel-shaded animals (like the carrot rocket). The moonwalking mouse could be saved with some secondary on those ears. They are stiff.


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