My TD & Animation reel. Please help me make it better :)


  My name is Martin Joas and I am a CG student stationed in Stockholm, Sweden. I just started my second year (out of two), and I finally felt I had some material that I thought was good enough to show off in a reel.

My teachers are of course helping me to make it better (and they already have) by telling me what to add or remove. But I’m very interested too see what you guys think.

As you will see, a lot of my reel is occupied with a very blue and a very happy frog. This was a spoof commercial me and two classmates did during the summer. You can find the whole commercial on vimeo here. (right now there is no sound).
And you can also visit my two friends websites for some more info about the piece.
Martin Ögren
Saleh Najib

  Thank you!

Watch my reel here!


It is good work,u do it great,but i think you should pay more attention on the deformation,more cartoony effect will be better.
keep up good work,good luck


Do you mean show more of the stretchy possibilities with the frog rig?


By the critique I’ve gotten so far (from here and other places) is that I seem to show to little of the stretchy nature of the Frog Rig… I’ll make a new screencapture video tomorrow.

If someone has anymore critique I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hey Martin,

I’m not an expert by any means but I studied your clip a bit and figured sharing my notes would be better than not. This is just looking at it from an animation point of view. Take the following with a grain of salt as I’m new to the animation scene as well :slight_smile: Here goes:

I think something that will help is to just track the tip of the frog’s nose. You’ll see that his point hits a lot of “walls”. One noticeable part is when the orange snack? hits him on the head, his head comes down and doesn’t recoil back up. Instead it goes down, stays level and just slides to screen left.

Spacing on the head-shake if you track his nose again you’ll see the same issue.

Minor detail here but when he lifts his head I feel like the body should come down first and the head might come up a few frames later in an overlapping action. At the moment it hits at the same time and feels slightly stiff.

When he drops his head down to turn and look at the orange snack - tracking the tip of his nose again will reveal a very wonky arc. The overall weight shifting could use some work there. If you look at how his limbs act frame by frame the hands slide around a little oddly.

Track the body of the frog as he does his jumps - instead of moving in a parabolic arc he seems to be hitting points in a shape more resembling a trapezoid.

When he licks up the treat it doesn’t seem physically correct that it would flip backwards like that. I imagine it would flip forward based on the contact of the tongue and his motion. When he leans back to catch it - be careful again of his body hitting an invisible wall. And if you track the position of the treat you’ll see it also hits an invisible wall. It’s moving at a particular speed as it’s in the air but when it gets above the frog it loses all forward motion - which seems off from a physicality point of view.

Because it goes by so fast and motion blur has been added its a little hard to see but when he falls over there’s a little bit of slipping happening as the body contacts the rock.

Overall it’s a pretty strong piece and it looks really nice in the render :slight_smile: Hope this helps and good luck!


Pretty cool rig, I just found the quick jiggling a bit annoying, I think it would look better if you went around the rig and moved different parts into a new extremer poses.


Wow TonyChau, that is some serious critique. I love it! :smiley:
Thank you so much, it really helps. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make any animation changes in the near future, because I want to present the animation in all its rendered glory. But nevertheless, it will help me with future animations. :slight_smile:

@Kev3D I agree with you, and I will make a new screen capture video soon.

I’m also going to upgrade the reel with two new projects, one is my latest animation piece wich was my entry for Septembers 11 Second Club contest. Wich you can see here:
And my animation teacher thought it would be a good idea to end the reel with a (rendered version) animation piece I did 6 months ago wich you can find here:

So alot will change, and thank you so much for you guys critique, I really appreciate it.


Here is an update to the reel:

Slowed the rig part down, and showed alot more stretchy features.

Thank you all for the input and critique,


The only comment I really have that differs from other responses is; I believe the transparent plates you have over the clips listing what your responsible for is distracting. You have a well structured credits portion at the end of your reel. And mentioning anything about the work is best done there. It distracts from what is happening in your shot, because it does not belong there. I had to watch your reel a few times, because I at points was distracted thinking about your responsibilities in the shot rather than the shot itself. Also you do not have to list everything you have done in the reel. If it is in the reel, it is assumed you are the artist (it is your reel). If your not responsible for something seen in the reel than just credit that to that person. You don’t have to list everything you did. Just credit what you didn’t do. One last thing. If your going to want to specialize in two fields your going to want to have two separate reels, not a showcase. Different departments look at different reels. It also allows you to showcase more work. If you just have a reel for animation you can have a slightly longer reel of just your best animations. Same for your TD reel which would be able to showcase what others are requesting to see of your rig.
I hope this helps


@quintAnimation: Thank you so much. Those where some very helpful pointers. Just credit people on the stuff I did not do seems very logical, I guess I wanted to make it very clear to people what I actually did on the shots. But maybe it is a bit much.
I will look into it and see how I can make it better and less distracting.

I will also look into making a separate Rigging reel once I have abit more to show. I am working on rigging a biped right now and once that is done, I will see if I can show him and the frog off in their own separate reel. :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time and looking at my reel, throwing some critique my way and helping me make it better. It is greatly appreciated!


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